Presenting Your Wrongful Termination Case To an Attorney: How Is It Done?

By: JML Law | March 29, 2018.
Presenting Your Wrongful Termination Case To an Attorney: How Is It Done?

If you believe that you have been wrongfully terminated and are eager to take legal action, speaking to an attorney is the first step you should take. “But how do I present my case to a lawyer?” many people in similar circumstances ask themselves.

Today, we brought our Riverside wrongful termination attorney from the JML Law to outline how to present your employment case to a lawyer in order to speed up the process and get compensation as soon as possible.

Give an intro (brief description)

An intro – that is, a brief description of your wrongful termination case – matters the most when contacting a lawyer. No matter how tempting it may be to tell an attorney every single detail right away, you need to get his/her attention with a brief description of your case first.

Attorneys are busy people, and their phones are ringing off the hook, so in order to understand whether or not your case is worthy, a Riverside wrongful termination lawyer needs to assess the legal value of your case right away, from the very first seconds of your phone call.

This is a good example of how to briefly describe your case to a lawyer and then move on to discuss the details: “I have been working at this company for 5 years, and my performance reviews have been excellent. But there has been a change in leadership recently and my new employer treated me unfairly because I am a Hispanic worker before firing me.”

Be specific in your descriptions of what happened

When speaking to an attorney, it is essential to be specific when describing your employer’s actions or behavior that you believe to be discriminatory, retaliatory or harassment.

Instead of using generic descriptions such as “My employer sexually harassed me at work,” or “My employer made a discriminatory comment in the workplace,” be more specific and tell an attorney “My employer grabbed my thighs under my desk” or “My employer openly complained that ‘white employees work harder than Hispanic ones’ and everyone in the workplace heard it.”

This kind of information will be useful to a Riverside wrongful termination attorney when discussing your case.

Be ready to present evidence

When discussing your potential wrongful termination case during the free initial consultation, an attorney will most certainly ask you the following question: “Do you have any evidence supporting your claim or anything that may be relevant to your case to prove that you were wrongfully terminated?”

It is vital to be honest when answering the question, and be ready to provide relevant evidence such as a termination letter, employer’s policies or documents with discriminatory or otherwise unlawful provisions (that are non-confidential and can be accessed without special clearance), emails between you and the employer showing sexual advances, availability of witness accounts from coworkers proving your words, if any, etc.

Stay calm and cool

One of the most common mistakes wrongfully terminated people make when speaking to the best wrongful termination attorneys in California is getting angry when certain provocative questions arise.

Here is something you need to understand: your attorney is your strict and unbiased friend, and he/she wants YOU to be prepared for everything, including how to respond to the employer’s defenses during your employment case. That is why you should stay calm if an attorney asks you a difficult or uncomfortable question.

In fact, the questions that an attorney is asking you are almost always identical to the questions that will be asked by juries and judges (and potentially used by your employer against you) during your employment case litigation. So it is best to be prepared and have an attorney by your side who will help you answer these questions in a way that resonates with judges and juries and can get you a bigger compensation amount.

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