Prevalence of Sexual Harassment #MeToo

By: JML Law | September 14, 2018.
Prevalence of Sexual Harassment #MeToo

It is 2018. Robots can perform surgeries, scientists have found ways to grow implants, and we have mini computers in our pockets. You would think with such technological advances there would be a shift in human behavior in relation to sexual harassment, but alas. Thankfully the #MeToo movement has become the giant light needed to shine on the roaches of our society. More and more women are coming out with their stories of harassment to share with others the extreme prevalence of this issue.

Since this movement began last year there have been a countless number of high profile leaders being held accountable for their behavior. The most recent has been supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The victim is professor Christine Ford who, upon coming out with her story, has faced tremendous backlash include tweets from our President undermining her story and belittling her truth. There are so many reasons why women refuse to come forward. Most of those reasons have to do with women getting criticized for telling their stories. Women’s truths are challenged, disbelieved, or told to be quiet. It is suggested that about every 2 minutes in the United States a woman is sexually assaulted. There are movements to end the “backlog” of rape kits that go untested and therefore never make it to justice.

This kind of behavior cannot and will not stand, especially in the workplace. Here are a few examples of what sexual harassment looks like in the workplace. Keep in mind sexual harassment is not just between a male and a female it can be male to male or female to female too:

  • Someone sending sexually inappropriate videos or pictures to you without consent
  • Someone sending you suggestive notes or emails without consent
  • Someone making suggestive gestures that make you feel uncomfortable and are without your consent
  • Inappropriate touching
  • Making unwanted comments about your physique, clothes, or any other thing associated with your appearance
  • Making offensive comments or jokes
  • Asking questions about sexuality or sexual history

These kinds of behaviors are more than just warning signs, they are direct examples of sexual harassment.

Why Do I Need an Attorney

There are various ways you can handle these kinds of situations. Sometimes you can handle them on your own. You can talk to your coworker or boss to address these issues. You can also express these grievances to your HR. But what if the problem persists? What if the behavior changes for a while, but then you start to deal with the problems again? What if the problems are so severe that you don’t trust anyone in the company?

If you are asking yourself those kinds of questions then it is time you consult with one of our Employment Law Attorneys at JML Law in Los Angeles. Call us at 818-610-8800 for your free consultation. With over 40 years of experience, we are confident that we can help you in this time of need.

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