How to prevent accidents at work

By: JML Law | May 19, 2017.
How to prevent accidents at work

No matter what type of profession, it is easy to get involved in a work-related accident. This is why taking some precautions when performing certain tasks may prove helpful. It is possible to avoid many workplace accidents when you follow these simple tips. When things get out of hand, you may want to ask legal advice from an experienced Los Angeles workers compensation attorney.


  1. Stay alert – Being alert will help prevent accidents and improve performance. You can also increase your chances of getting a raise or a promotion.     
  2. Wear a uniform – Factories tend to be the places where most workplace accidents occur. Wearing adequate protection will definitely ensure safety.
  3. Don’t underestimate emergency drills – This will help you practice dangerous scenarios and you will know what to do when emergencies arise.   
  4. Ask about the risks associated with certain tasks you are required to perform – You should always check with your supervisor if the tasks you will be performing will expose you to some type of danger.
  5. Don’t take a job you are not trained for – Although some skills are easily learned along the way, some tasks such as operating a machine are very risky and more open for accidents.
  6. Follow safety programs – Employers should provide these programs as they are responsible for the safety of their employees.
  7. Report all accidents – Some employees can foresee the accident but say nothing. Don’t wait until a disaster occurs to tell authorities.

Employers should never risk the safety and health of their employees for profit. This should be their priority otherwise they may be sued for their lack of responsibility. Employees injured while on duty have the right to seek legal representation from a Los Angeles workers compensation attorney.

When accidents can’t be avoided

If you have been injured at work you should receive workers’ compensation.  Besides making an incident report, you should contact an attorney. Some injuries may not be covered. For example, if an employee was operating a machine while intoxicated, the employer will not pay for it. There are other types of scenarios that may contribute to withholding compensation.  

What will worker’s comp cover

It will not cover much. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, you may get more if you sue your employer. However, if you are collecting worker’s comp you can’t sue your employer.  Some things your workers’ comp insurance will cover include:

  1. Medical bills
  2. Lost income
  3. New training costs
  4. Permanent injuries
  5. If the worker dies the family receives benefits

Contact a Los Angeles workers compensation attorney to explain in more details what your legal options are. The process to recover your compensation becomes easier in the hands of an experienced attorney. Insurance companies, as well as employers, tend to respect more individuals with legal protection.  You can schedule your free initial consultation today and have all your questions answered.

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