Prevent summer sports injuries

By: JML Law | June 22, 2017.
Prevent summer sports injuries

After being quite idle throughout the winter, many people rush outdoors trying to enjoy a variety of sports without being prepared. Summer is a time to enjoy the outdoor world in its fullness but unfortunately, many of these energetic activities can also lead to injuries that may require legal representation from a Los Angeles sports injuries lawyer. Some of the most common summer sports injuries include illness associated with the heat, broken bones, sprains, neck and lower back strain, and concussions. A few simple tips may help prevent these injuries:

  1. Prepare your body by exercising four to six weeks prior to venturing outdoors. Simple cardiovascular workouts of 30 minutes a few days a week will do until you will eventually increase the amount of time and days on these strenuous activities.
  2. There are some indoor activities such as spinning, jogging, and cycling that will help prepare your body for outdoor sports. Plus, you are in the safety of your home with less chances of sustaining injuries.
  3. Warm up and stretch out before starting your workouts or summer sports.
  4. Hydrate properly by drinking a lot of water. Don’t wait until your body is too dehydrated to drink. If you exercise more than 45 minutes, you should also have a snack, energy bar or meal.
  5. Wear light and loose-fitting clothing to prevent the heat. The most important thing is to let the skin breathe.
  6. Avoid continuous heat exposure – Many people exposed to the heat stay in the game until they are rushed to the hospital. Some summer days can be quite hot therefore it’s important you check for signs of heat stress such as red and clammy skin and lack of sweating.
  7. Protect yourself – The best way to protect yourself is by wearing the right shoes, especially if you have problems when you walk.
  8. If you have suffered from any sports-related injuries in the past, contact a doctor before getting back in the game.

Common summer sports injuries

With the need to get out in the sun and experience all the joys of summer also come the dangers associated with the heat and energetic activities that take place during this active time of the year. Sports such as swimming, cycling, tennis, baseball, and racing can be fun but also risky.
As more people engage in outdoor sports, they can expose themselves to some common injuries, including:

  1. Pulled muscles
  2. Knee injuries
  3. Fractures and splints
  4. Tendonitis

Discuss your case with a Los Angeles sports injuries lawyer.

While not all sports-related injuries may require the legal representation of a Los Angeles sports injuries attorney, some injuries that happened due to negligence may involve compensation. A Los Angeles sports injuries lawyer will be able to assist you with your sports injury claim in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Feel free to Contact us Today and schedule your initial case evaluation.

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