Did You Realize How Dangerous Assaults Can Be?

By: JML Law | October 27, 2017.
Did You Realize How Dangerous Assaults Can Be?

You can get assaulted pretty much anywhere: at a bar, at work, or even at your home.
While this doesn’t mean you should build a wall instead of a door, or build a concrete bunker and hole up, you should educate yourself on the dangers of assault and how to prevent aggravated and simple assaults.

Be sure that the law is on your side, so if someone assaults you, you can take legal action against them by seeking the legal advice of an experienced Riverside assault attorney.

Fact: did you know that there does not have to be physical contact in order to be entitled to file an assault lawsuit?

Here at the JML Law, our assault attorneys work day and night to not only help you recover costs for physical and psychological damages in addition to punitive damages as a result of the assault, but also educate you about the dangers of assaults.

Let’s review some of the latest assault incidents in Riverside and across our nation to give you one more reason to avoid physical confrontations and fights with other people (and stay away from dangerous people in the first place).

Assaults can leave life-threatening injuries

This past August, a 28-year-old good Samaritan was fatally injured after walking into a brawl in downtown Riverside.

The father-of-two died after almost a week on life support after the assault took place outside the Hideaway Café at 2 a.m. Witnesses said three to four people were seen attacking the victim.

Fact: there are over 12,300 crimes in Riverside every year, and the streets of our city get particularly dangerous at night.
Last week, a no less bloody assault incident took place in Belfast, Ireland. A 24-year-old man was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison for involvement in an assault that left a promising young footballer with ‘life-changing’ injuries.
Assault or battery can leave devastating injuries and damages, which is why JML Law assault attorneys in Riverside advise you to stay away from physical confrontations and fights unless your life or the lives of your loved ones are in danger.
As seen from the second assault incident above, assaults can leave life-threatening injuries and shatter your dreams into tiny pieces. You may lose your job, income, and capability just by engaging in a physical confrontation.

How to seek compensation if you were assaulted And what about potential retaliation

Although the legal process in assault lawsuits may be daunting and complex, it’s possible to seek compensation for your injuries and damages, including lost income and lost capability.

For those who lost their loved ones due to assault, it’s possible to recover costs for inflicting emotional trauma in addition to all the damages that can be associated with the deceased’s passing away.

Here at JML Law in Riverside and all across California, our experienced assault attorneys never let our guard down and protect your rights in assault cases.

We’ve helped hundreds of our clients make assault cases less daunting and complex while seeking millions of dollars in compensatory and punitive damages for their injuries, losses, and damages.

Consult our Riverside assault attorney today to get a free case evaluation. Call 818-610-8800 or send us an email now.

If you fear that the perpetrator that assaulted you may retaliate when he/she finds out that you decided to take legal action against them, seek the legal advice of our assault lawyer to discuss all of your options, rights, and protections.

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