Retaliation Is A Sign Of Wrongful Termination

By: JML Law | December 17, 2018.
Retaliation Is A Sign Of Wrongful Termination

When we get the job of our dreams we think this it! We do everything we can to ensure that we keep that job. But what if our employers are asking us to start practices that aren’t lawful? What if you are working for someone who doesn’t appreciate coworkers feedback or threatens others who are willing to suggest feedback? What if you are working in a place where you are forced to comprise who you are, your moral or ethical principles, or your contractual obligations? Unfortunately, we have had all dealt with sticky situations. In some cases when we handle sticky situations we try to use our best judgment, but sometimes people don’t agree with how we choose to handle the situation. This is dangerous because this is when our employers can start to act in ways that are retaliatory. But what does retaliation really mean?

If you are seeking information on retaliation then it may be because you are experiencing this at work. If you have already been terminated from work and suspect that this may be the reason then you may be right. Our Los Angeles JML Law Firm, a Professional Law Corporation, has over 40 years of practicing employment law. A division of employment law is Retaliation. Our Retaliation Attorneys are here for you when you have evidence that your employer needlessly punished you for engaging in legal work practices. Retaliation is so prevalent in the workplace that there are statutes and regulations in the U.S. Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

The EEOC has strict guidelines for what constitutes retaliatory behavior. For example, here are is a list of the unlawful ways to retaliate:

  • If you are witness to an EEOC complaint, charge, investigation or lawsuit
  • Telling your management about discriminatory practices
  • Answering questions during an EEOC investigation of some other employee
  • Refusal to follow orders that result in you practicing discrimination
  • Resisting sexual advances or expectations
  • Intervening to protect others from sexual harassment
  • Requesting disability, religious, or other lawful accommodations
  • Asking management or other coworkers about salary information in order to uncover potential discrimination

If you feel as if any of these situations apply to you then do not hesitate to reach out to a Los Angeles retaliation attorney. Your job is worth fighting for. By filing a claim you are ensuring that you and others will not have to deal with this behavior again.

Our Retaliation Attorneys are well versed in these guidelines. You should not have to suffer for doing the right thing. You should never be punished for doing your job the right way, providing feedback on your job, or providing support for people who have legitimate complaints. Do not stand idle with this injustice. Let our retaliation Attorneys help you get back on track with your life. Call 818-610-8800 or click here to start your conversation with us today. As always, the first conversation is free. We want to hear your whole story and provide you with the best legal guidance. Don’t hesitate to get your claim started today.

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