Risk of Getting Murdered in Road Rage Car Accident: The Ugly Truth

By: JML Law | December 10, 2017.
Risk of Getting Murdered in Road Rage Car Accident: The Ugly Truth

What was initially reported as a car accident turned into a suspected gruesome homicide.  A Long Beach woman was found dead in her car on a desolate desert road in the Antelope Valley.

The police had responded to a car accident call and found the 18-year-old woman in her car. Amber Alvarado, who was a Long Beach resident, had a gunshot wound, which was presumably the cause of her death.

The woman was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

The Los Angeles Police Department is currently investigating the bizarre car-accident-turned-homicide incident, and they have no information about the suspected murderer.

Although not much is known about the incident, which took place in early November but came to light only this week, our car accident attorneys at JML Law have two theories about it:

  1. Alvarado was shot dead by a pedestrian or another driver with or without motive.
  2. Alvarado was killed by another driver, whose car smashed into the woman’s car (so the shooter got rid of the traffic collision victim and, apparently, the only witness to avoid facing penalties for the car crash).

Although the second theory may seem implausible, you’d be surprised how many Long Beach drivers opt to get rid of witnesses and victims of car accidents to avoid serving a jail sentence, facing fines, paying for property damages and injuries, or getting their driver’s license revoked.

Was it a road rage incident that turned into a homicide

Our Long Beach car accident attorneys at JML Law remind readers that hit-and-run car accidents account for nearly 10% of all fatal road accidents in California.

Fact: California has more hit-and-run car accidents than any other state.

Unfortunately, if some people are okay with fleeing the scene of a car accident after killing or injuring another human being, others go the extra mile to eliminate those who could bring them to justice for their wrongful acts.

In fact, if you’ve been driving around Los Angeles or Long Beach at least a few times, you’ve probably noticed that road rage and fistfights between parties involved in car accidents are not uncommon in the city.

As seen in a recent Pasadena road-rage-turned-car-chase incident, it’s not uncommon for drivers to overreact, pull out guns and threaten to kill other drivers.

Fact: Statistics show that aggressive driving may be responsible for more than 66% of car accident fatalities in the U.S.

Hit-and-run car accidents are difficult to litigate, as more often than not, drivers that escape the scene cannot be tracked down due to a lack of witness accounts and camera footage from red lights and nearby buildings.

The Nov. 2 incident involving the Long Beach resident could also be a homicide with motive, as the young woman’s car could have been followed to the deserted road in order to commit the murder.

Until police find more evidence in connection with the suspected homicide, experts and defectives can only speculate as to what happened to Mrs. Alvarado.

Our car accident attorneys at JML Law warn all Californian residents to be careful on the roads of Long Beach and Los Angeles and never respond to provocations from road rage-ridden and aggressive drivers.

If you have witnessed a car accident or hit-and-run incident, call the police and get in touch with our attorneys to know more about your rights as a witness.

Call our Long Beach offices at 818-610-8800 or send an email for a free case evaluation.

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