Social Security Disability Insurance Delayed By Pandemic

By: JML Law | June 17, 2021.
Social Security Disability Insurance Delayed By Pandemic

Even at the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, government benefits are continuing to be slowed by the strain of government resources. The process for filing for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDL) is already complicated and time-consuming, but now, the processing and accepting or denying claims are taking extra time. This time has put extra stress on people as they wade through the delays before receiving much-needed government benefits.

The Los Angeles SSDI attorneys at JML Law are here to help individuals who are struggling through work-related injuries. We know how difficult this time can be and want to help find solutions.

The flawed system

These delays rippled from the changes made to government agencies early in the pandemic. According to the Social Security Administration, certain government services were temporarily shuttered, and employees began working remotely. Medical documentation became hard to manage because of mail delays. This culminated in increased backlogs and priority services slowing to a crawl.

This system relies on required medical evidence, and the pandemic made it difficult to both get the needed medical records and make scheduled doctor visits. A lot of medical offices stopped all elective medical care and were unwilling to resume in-person exams.

The process has also been slowed because of difficulty with online applications. Some found the applications confusing and others had limited access to computers. The pace really slowed when applicants needed to talk to agents by phone and submit signed documents by mail.

The effects of these backlogs can be devastating, causing:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Foreclosures
  • General financial instability

This just might be the beginning of the troubles for the SSDI as more and more claims may be filed because of COVID-19’s long-term effects.

Explaining SSDI

Every time a worker gets a paycheck, they pay into the SSDI through payroll taxes. From this insurance, a person can receive monthly benefits, depending on how much they paid in. To receive benefits, a person must demonstrate they have been disabled for 12 months or expect to be disabled for a full year.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) denies about 70% of all SSDI applications on their first submission. Even if you are one of the approved 30%, there are still a litany of reasons to deny benefits along the way, including:

  1. Lack of medical evidence – Proof of a disabling condition
  2. Previous denials – If denied, applicants must appeal
  3. Income limitations – Earning an income can disqualify applicants for benefits
  4. Failing to follow treatment protocols – Must follow the proper treatments prescribed by doctors
  5. Failing to cooperate with the SSA – Must respond to all requests for documentation and go to all scheduled medical exams

When should I contact a lawyer

Our attorneys understand the thorny details of SSDI and how delays in the application process can affect your present and future conditions. We can guide you through your claim so you can focus on the hard work of healing.

It is your right to acquire your own lawyer and not be dependent on a company-appointed attorney. We are here in your best interests. Contact the Los Angeles SSDI attorneys at JML Law by clicking here for a free consultation or by calling us at 818-610-8800.

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