The Dangers of Lithium Ion Batteries in Your Child’s Toy

By: JML Law | June 11, 2018.

Buying a toy for your child has always been a fun experience, not only do you love seeing the joy on their faces but also the memories you create while playing with it become priceless. What happens when the toy you bought to bring your child pleasure ends up doing the opposite and injuring them?

It is a general expectation from any parent towards a toy production company to design toys with the age range and thought of the child in mind. A child is naturally curious in nature and they will open and mess around with every aspect of the toy. When a toy is designed this curiosity should be taken fully into account.

One of the biggest dangers of this curiosity is when a child puts a toy part in their mouth. This is increasingly worrisome for a younger child, that has age below three. Whilst small, sharper parts can cause damage to the inside of the mouth and at worst choking there is a danger even worse than this. Lithium-ion batteries.

The dangers of lithium ion batteries:

As more and more child-related items become electronic manufacturers are turning to lithium-ion batteries as their main form of power. They can power many things such as watches, fidget spinners, and even shoes that light up. A child that swallows the small lithium-ion batteries in these products can face varying symptoms and issues such as:

  1. The battery may become lodged in your child’s esophagus.
  2. The chemicals in the battery may react with the lining of the esophagus.
  3. This chemical reaction may result in burns that increase in severity as long as the battery is present.

These events will more than likely mean a rushed visit to the emergency room, where your child will have to undergo surgery. During this surgery, a doctor will place your child under general anesthetic before attempting to remove the battery via a grasping tool and endoscope.

Children will more than likely need further medical care depending on the amount of damage caused by the surgery. It is thought that the batteries that are now being made contain cheaper, more dangerous components that cause damage so quickly.

The statistics:

In the past year, most of the cases involving ingestion of lithium-ion batteries are by children aged five years or younger. The total number of these cases is 3500. Due to the use of these batteries constantly increasing it is thought that these numbers are about to take a sharp incline.

Contact a Los Angeles product liability lawyer:

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