June 2, 2018

When you are sick or have a temporary disability the first though that comes to mind is if you can be fired from your job. While this can be quite a worrying thing as far as your finances are concerned the thing to remember is that there is not just one side to answering this question.

Can I really get fired for taking disability leave?

One thing to remember is that if you think that you have had your employment terminated due to taking sick leave or disability leave is that, unless you are employed under special circumstances like through a union, your employer can fire a wilful employee at any time. For example, if there are major employee cuts within a company and you get fired amongst others then it is not likely you have a case.

If, however your employer can not come up with a basis apart from your sick or disability leave then the employer has in fact fired you illegally and you could have a case to defend yourself and take your employer to court. Say for instance shortly after your disability leaves you get fired for a bad performance report after you return to work, then it is fair to assume you were fired on the basis of your disability or sick leave.

Steps to take after being fired for being on sick or disability leave:

The most common view point is that if you have been terminated because of reasons that can stipulate that the employer in fact thought that tour illness was false or exaggerated or that the reason for termination was not clear then there are grounds for a case.

The first step you need to do is go to a Californian wrongful termination lawyer for a free consultation to find out if you have a case. Make sure to take all the evidence you need. You may want to start off by writing down your recollection of events and making sure everything is accounted for and that you do not forget.

Your Californian wrongful termination lawyer will then review your case and contact any other agencies to gather all the evidence required. Californian wrongful termination Lawyers will also contact all the experts required to gather second and third opinions to confirm whether you were unable to work. The final step your Los Angeles wrongful termination lawyer will take is to contact and liaise with your employers and argue your case and get you the financial aid you need after facing hardship from being wrongfully terminated. During this hard time it is essential to trust your Californian wrongful termination lawyer to guide you.

If you have been faced by wrongful termination because you were on sick or disability leave leaving you in financial distress then lawyers in California are here to fight for your rights and get your employer to pay you what you are rightfully due. If you need advice and help from an injury lawyer in California call JML law on 818-610-8800.