The Many Questions Surrounding Whistleblowing In Anaheim

By: JML Law | July 20, 2018.

We work for many different reasons. We need an income to support ourselves and our families. We also work for a sense of purpose and, hopefully, because we like the job we have.

If you’ve ever discovered that your employer is engaged in illegal activity, then you know what a hard position you are put in. Many questions may have come to mind.

Do I report this?

Who do I tell? My boss? An outside agency?

Will I lose my job?

Discovering that your employer is breaching the public’s trust can be hard on an employee because they know that reporting it could jeopardize the livelihood of their own family.

Thankfully, California has some of the strongest whistleblower protection laws in the country. If you need to report an illegal activity that your employer is engaged in, we encourage you to get a whistleblower protection attorney in Anaheim. JML Law will work to ensure you are protected every step of the way.

The Realization

When you discover that your employer is engaged in illegal activity, it can be shocking. In fact, sometimes employees never know a company is engaged in illegal activities until they are “brought in” and trusted with the information. This can be scary, as you may think that reporting the information will get you in trouble with the law.

Even if you have been engaged in behaviors that help the illegal activities, you can still be protected. When someone reports wrongdoing, they often begin by reporting it to their direct supervisor in hopes that they can correct the situation. This sometimes leads to threats of suspension, demotion, or even termination. Even worse, an employee can even face threats against themselves or their family.

If you have been involved in the illegal activities of a company or have knowledge of those activities, both federal and state whistleblower laws can protect you from prosecution. In fact, California recently strengthened their whistleblower protection laws so you don’t have to be afraid of coming forward.

What Is Reported

Any illegal activity by a company should be reported. Some of the common types of cases that whistleblower laws offer protection for are reports of tax evasion, stock and securities fraud, illegal material dumping, and healthcare fraud. These are by no means the only types of whistleblower cases. If you suspect illegal activity on the part of your employer, seek legal advice so you can understand all of your options.

In some cases, the government will even offer a reward for coming forward and exposing illegal activity. A whistleblower may be eligible for some of the money recovered by the IRS in tax fraud cases.

What To Do

If you believe your employer is engaged in illegal activities, you may need a whistleblower protection attorney in Anaheim before proceeding. The experienced attorneys at JML Law will examine your case and go over your options so that you can make an informed decision moving forward and work with you to avoid prosecution if you were involved in any illegal activity on behalf of your employer. You can contact us by clicking here or calling us at 818-610-8800.

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