The Uber Self Driving Debate

By: JML Law | May 30, 2018.
The Uber Self Driving Debate

It was a big celebration in the world of technology, a self-driving car. It was fully autonomous car that replaced humans with a brain and allowed these self-thinking machines to make similar decisions and reactions. However, just as safety advocates started to express their concerns, accidents with fatalities began to happen. Since, these accidents started to happen Uber took away the trial cars from the roads for public safety. In fact, in the state of California as their licence for these cars comes to an end Uber has decided to not renew their permit for them.

“We proactively suspended our self-driving operations, including in California, immediately following the Tempe incident,” an Uber spokesperson “Given this, we decided to not reapply for a California permit with the understanding that our self-driving vehicles would not operate in the state in the immediate future.” They have informed the DMV of their intentions, after receiving a letter from them.

The event that caused the debate:

A woman in Tempe, Arizona was walking with her bike on the street when an autonomous car came across and hit her. It is believed that the woman was not near a pedestrian crossing and the car was unable to stop in time. There was a human behind the wheel but their efforts were not enough to make any difference in time to stop the accident.

The dangers of the self-driving car:

Currently as the debate fires up as regards to whether the car is actually safe or not a lot of people have let out that breath they held in when uber took the autonomous car off the road. There are times when an autonomous car will have humans behind the wheel to help them navigate, but this can lead to reluctancy to pay attention by the driver causing more accidents to occur.

This is what is thought to have happened in the Tempe case. Drivers need to be alert because may autonomous cars face problems on the road with situations such as glares and roundabouts which are day to day occurrences during driving.

It is however argued that there are car accidents on the road on a daily basis with cars that are entirely human controlled, so can we really blame autonomous cars for the reason these crashes are happening? Is it just something that happens on roads?

How are these accidents going to be handled for claims

It is not very clear how car accident lawyers in Los Angeles are going to handle these claims. Some think that it might be the Governor that needs to be held responsible for making the decision to let these cars on the road. The other side argue that Uber should be the one under the microscope for introducing a defective product on the road without proper investigations and endangering the public.

If you have been faced by a car accident of any sort that has been detrimental to you and caused in you an injury then car accident lawyers in Los Angeles are here to fight for your rights. If you need advice and help from a car accident lawyer in California to call JML law on 818-610-8800.

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