Travelers Insurance Honors Victims Of Distracted Drivers By Telling Untold Stories

By: JML Law | July 28, 2021.
Travelers Insurance Honors Victims Of Distracted Drivers By Telling Untold Stories

Three-year-old Zaadii Thozon was obsessed with Batman. He took baths in his Batman costume. He was even dressed as the caped crusader when a distracted driver struck him, his mother, and his sister in a crosswalk in 2015. His mom and sister survived, Zaadii did not.

Zaadii lives on in his own comic book as the latest installment of the Travelers Insurance campaign which raises awareness about distracted driving by telling accident victims’ unfinished stories.

If you or a loved one has been impacted by a distracted driver, the Los Angeles distracted driving accident attorneys at JML Law are here to help.

The Campaign

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports distracted drivers to kill at least nine people and injure more than 1,000 every day in the United States. All it takes is for a driver to look away from the road for a few seconds for tragedy to occur.

Travelers Insurance has partnered with TBWA Media Arts Lab to create “Unfinished Stories,” an animated series of short films that imagines how the future may have played out for the victims of distracted drivers had the accident never happened.

In Zaadii’s case, a team of D.C. Comic illustrators and writers created a 28-page digital comic, “Zaadii: The Legend of Z-Hawk.” In the story, Zaadii is an environmental lawyer, protecting Navajo tribal lands by day. But at night, Zaadii transforms into Z-Hawk, battling against the villainous Decimator.

Travelers Insurance devised the “Unfinished Stories” campaign to advocate “for the victim…to focus on the people and the stories that were lost…to emphasize the tragic consequences and ultimately educate drivers about safety in a new way”

The campaign launched two years ago with an animated short film about South Dakota State University track star Philip LaVallee titled “The Route.” In 2013, the 19-year-old was killed by a distracted driver. Subsequent short films followed which honor the lives of those taken by distracted drivers, but it seemed fitting to honor Zaadii with an actual comic book.

According to Travelers, the target audience for Zaadii’s comic book is more than 40% of Gen-Z drivers who believe they can safely drive while texting or checking social media accounts. It also aims at the more than 30% of millennials who have crashed or nearly crashed while distracted by such activities.

We are to help

The Los Angeles distracted driving accident attorneys at JML Law are also working to honor those who have suffered from accidents caused by distracted drivers. Our qualified team will be by your side, step by step as we investigate the accident, fighting to ensure you receive the full compensation for your losses.

This compensation may include:

  1. Coverage of medical bills
  2. Lost income from work
  3. General out-of-pocket expenses
  4. Property damage expenses
  5. Pain and suffering and loss of personal enjoyment damages
  6. Punitive damages if possible

We evaluate every case, so your story does not get lost in the shuffle. Contact us by clicking here for a free consultation or by calling us at 818-610-8800.

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