Understanding the Dangers of California Car Accidents

By: JML Law | June 10, 2020.

Car accidents can lead to many severe injuries for those involved. Often, victims are left with permanent disabilities as well as tremendous medical bills. Unfortunately, can accidents are not uncommon in and around the Riverside area. In many cases, these incidents are caused by the careless or negligent actions of other drivers. As JML Law, we want to discuss a recent car accident as well as how often these incidents lead to serious injuries or fatalities.

California car accidents are not uncommon

In a current Riverside news article, there was a crash in which a vehicle struck three pedestrians. The incident caused the death of one person. A horse that was also struck by the vehicle had to be euthanized due to injuries experienced in the collision.

Another person was transported to a hospital after sustaining injuries that placed them in critical condition. The third individual sustained minor injuries, and that person witnesses the entire crash.

Authorities have reported that the vehicle in question might be a Nissan, which also lost a grill in the front, has a missing front fender flare, and has a clearly visible broken headlight on the right of the vehicle.

Car accidents can be severe

Car accidents within the state have a significant effect on citizens, according to information provided by the California Office of Traffic Safety. With the latest reporting year of data, there can be seen to be:

  • 3,563 accident fatalities
  • 13,270 accidents resulting in serious injury

It is not uncommon for those who are involved in car accidents in the Riverside area to sustain serious injuries. This is particularly true for those who are involved in a vehicle versus pedestrian or vehicle versus bicycle accidents. Some for the most common injuries in these incidents include:

  • Dislocated or broken bones
  • Amputations or severe lacerations
  • Internal organ damages or bleeding
  • Paralysis or spinal cord injuries
  • Concussions or whiplash injuries
  • Open head or traumatic brain injuries

As a result of these various injuries, victims often need extensive medical care, which can become costly. However, victims also have to worry about other expenses, such as rehabilitation, lost income or benefits, vehicle repair or modifications, and more. Experiencing intense physical or emotional pain and suffering is also a factor, especially for victims who are unable to enjoy the same activities they could before the crash.

Let us work on your behalf

If another driver’s negligent actions in a car accident have resulted in injury for you or somebody you care about, seek legal assistance as soon as possible. At JML Law, our experienced and dedicated team of car accident attorneys are prepared to investigate every aspect of your case in order to secure the maximum compensation you are entitled to, such as the following:

  • Coverage of expenses related to the crash
  • Lost wages or benefits if an inability to work
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Loss of personal enjoyment damages
  • Possible punitive damages against the grossly negligent driver

When you need a car accident attorney, you can contact us today by clicking here for a free consultation or by calling us at 818-610-8800.

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