Unemployment Rate Rises in Los Angeles

By: JML Law | September 14, 2017.
Unemployment Rate Rises in Los Angeles

California employers are cutting jobs across the state, particularly in Los Angeles. The unemployment rate went up and payrolls fell by thousands of positions in recent years. It is devastating for the labor market in the state and bad news for the unemployed. In the midst of all this chaos, labor violations such as wage and hour fraud and wrongful termination are rampant. You must contact a Los Angeles employment fraud attorney if you are caught in such a legal scenario.

Unemployment trends

Although some data suggest the unemployment rate has declined over the years, employees across Los Angeles tell a different story. There is an overall economic improvement but problems with unemployment and violations at work keep rising.

Some industries can promote positive changes

Some particular industries can make positive contributions to the unemployment rate in Los Angeles. Education and health careers can strengthen the economy and help reduce the number of people without jobs. The boosted access to healthcare as well as the aging population are two significant factors that may help reduce the percentage of unemployed people in the coming years. There are also more green jobs available as the trend towards eco-friendly living becomes more popular nationwide.

Recent statistics

Recent studies show that the unemployment rate in Los Angeles has gone up to 4.5 percent this past summer, a bit higher than the national unemployment rate. Industries reporting the largest hiring include construction, leisure, and hospitality as well as transportation and trade.

Common employment violations in LA

Many employees in Los Angeles are currently having problems at work due to a lack of compensation and wrongful termination. Employees should be compensated for their work. There are protections available in California for workers under these circumstances. Sadly, some employers violate these laws and take advantage of the people working for them in so many ways.

Cases of wrongful termination are very common. Although California is an at-will state that doesn’t mean employers can fire employees in circumstances that disrespect the law. For example, if you have an employment contract, your employer should honor the contract and the terms therein contained. Likewise, if there is a policy or an employer’s handbook, your employer needs to follow the discipline policy as stated in the contract. An attorney can find out the reasons why you got fired and determine if they are illegal.

We are here for you

At JML Law, our Los Angeles employment fraud attorney understands how violations in the workplace can have a negative impact on your career and personal life. Companies should not increase their revenue at the expense of their employees. We would like to hear from you and take a look at your circumstances to determine whether or not you have a case. We will protect your rights and the rights of your loved ones. Employers violating employment laws should be accountable for their actions and compensated for everything they have stolen from their employees.

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