What Is Really Causing The Increase In Pedestrian Accidents In Los Angeles And California?

By: JML Law | June 15, 2018.
What Is Really Causing The Increase In Pedestrian Accidents In Los Angeles And California?

Crossing the street in Los Angeles and all across California is more dangerous than ever before, as the number of fatal pedestrian accidents has increased dramatically over the past recent years.

Los Angeles has one of the highest pedestrian fatality rates in the United States, as pedestrian fatalities account for nearly a third of all traffic fatalities in the city (1,382 in 4,431). Fatal pedestrian accidents have been increasing at an exponential in California and all across the U.S. since 2009, with experts trying to figure out what is causing the spike in pedestrian deaths.

Causes of the increased number of pedestrian accidents

Today, we invited our Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney from the JML Law to outline some of the most common factors that contribute to the spike in pedestrian accident injuries and fatalities all across the nation:

An increase in the number of pedestrians (more people moving live in Los Angeles, a constantly increasing percentage of the elderly population, more people ditching cars to get around on foot, etc.)

  1. An increase in the number of homeless.
  2. Disregard for traffic rules on the part of both pedestrians and motorists (jaywalking, failure to yield the right of way, speeding, running red lights, etc.)
  3. Higher speed limits.
  4. New cars drive at higher speeds.
  5. More people driving under the influence of drugs and not being concerned about the DUI consequences.
  6. A lack of street lighting.
  7. Inadequate placing and design of crosswalks and intersections, or lack thereof.
  8. A lack of attention and increased distractions on the part of both pedestrians and drivers (more people have smartphones than ever before, both pedestrians and drivers).

According to California Highway Patrol data, the vast majority of fatal pedestrian accidents in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Francisco, and all across California occur at night, in non-intersection areas, and in urban settings.

Our best pedestrian accident lawyers in California say that city planning of the roadways, crosswalks, and intersections remains a huge contributing factor to the increase in pedestrian deaths across the state. More often than not, crosswalks are more than a half mile apart, which prompts pedestrians to jaywalk and cross the streets illegally, putting themselves at a higher risk of injury and death.

Use of smartphones and fatal pedestrian accidents

One of the most troubling facts about pedestrian accidents in Los Angeles and all across California is that the use of smartphones – or dare we say, our society’s addiction to phones – is largely responsible for the tremendously high numbers of fatal pedestrian accidents in the state.

Pedestrians tend to talk or text or even check their social media apps while crossing the street, when they are supposed to be checking if it is safe to cross the road and use their common sense to assess risks and dangers. Drivers, meanwhile, are guilty of distracted driving.

Causes of car and pedestrian accidents in Los Angeles

Our experienced pedestrian accident attorney in Los Angeles at the JML Law also says that the traditional causes of car accidents in California are still as common as before. These include reckless and aggressive driving, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding, running red lights, failure to maintain a safe distance, failure to slow down at every crosswalk and intersection, etc.

The only way to ensure that you will receive fair and adequate compensation for your injuries, losses, and damages suffered in a pedestrian accident is to seek legal help. Investigating a personal injury or wrongful death claim may require accessing CCTV footage, interviewing witnesses, reviewing the driver’s driving record, and other things only a skilled lawyer can help you with.

Do not underestimate the power of collecting compelling evidence in a pedestrian accident. Contrary to the popular belief, it is not always that easy to recover compensation after a car-pedestrian accident just because you were the pedestrian in that accident. Schedule a free consultation by contacting the JML Law. Call at 818-610-8800 or complete this contact form.

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