Daniel Frawley v. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

10/22/13 – A Los Angeles jury returned a verdict for JML’s client in the amount of $604,000 for damages suffered as result of retaliation by his former employer, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (“MTA”).

JML’s client was employed by the MTA as a manager. In May of 2011 during a conversation with his supervisors, Plaintiff stood up for another employee who he felt was being unfairly targeted for race discrimination. Following his standing up against this wrong behavior, MTA supervisors began to retaliate against Plaintiff. MTA’s retaliation culminated in August 2011, when Plaintiff was assaulted by a subordinate employee in a meeting. Rather than properly investigating this confrontation, MTA used this as an opportunity to wrongfully terminate Plaintiff by alleging that he had failed to de-escalate the situation and that he had displayed poor management skills. The jury disagreed with the MTA and found that the Defendant had improperly retaliated and terminated the Plaintiff. The jury awarded him $604,000 for the damages he suffered.

Additionally, JML Law filed its motion for attorneys’ fees for having to litigate this case and Judge Chavez awarded an additional $300,000 on top of the verdict.

Defendant has appealed.

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