Anaheim Brain Injury Attorney

Anaheim Brain Injury Attorney

In our technologically driven society filled with artificial intelligence and self-driving cars, the most important (and often forgotten) supercomputer is still the human brain. Far more complex than IBM’s Watson and still intriguing scientists worldwide, our brains process thoughts and actions and store more precious things than any hard drive, a stick of RAM, or a motherboard anyone could manufacture.

When injured, our brains can alter how our bodies think, move, feel, react to stimuli, or store important memories. If you’ve been injured in any manner that caused head trauma, JML Law staffs an incredible Anaheim brain injury attorney with knowledge of personal injury law.

If It’s Your Mind, It Matters To JML Law

A major cause of death amongst those under 45, traumatic brain injuries could form from slight concussions or massive blunt force trauma. Many injuries start with people feeling disorientated, perhaps ‘seeing stars,’ with other motor functions showing signs of deterioration, such as the ability to reason. The harder one experiences direct head contact with stationary objects, the more impactful injuries become by force.

The force with which one hits their head is best measured in g’s or gravitational force. To give you an idea of an injury’s potential seriousness, boxers endure roughly 50 g’s when punched by another average-strength boxer, which equals being hit at around 20 mph with a 13-pound bowling ball. Conversely, woodpeckers put roughly 1200 g’s behind their rapid head motions. That amount of force would obliterate the brain of humans. It’s believed brain damage can occur in humans somewhere between 10-50 g’s.

When car accidents or other negligent actions occur, the exact gravitational impact depends on numerous factors that medical professionals evaluate to determine the extent of brain damage. Our Anaheim brain injury attorney leans heavily on medical evaluations when fighting for compensation.

Your mind matters to JML Law. And we’ll fight hard when it’s been injured.

Accidents Leading To Brain Injury Are Serious

Broken limbs, fractures, cuts, and scratches, even most minor burns heal over time. Brain injuries are treated far more seriously because what accident victims may experience now could kill them or put them into a vegetative state later. These accidents are very, very serious and have long-term complications that over-the-counter medication probably can’t solve.

JML Law settles victim claims for as much as allowable by law or whatever we can agree upon with at-fault insurers. Medical expenses and loss of income are given; pain and suffering you’ll endure later, along with those caused now, will be ancillary compensations we fight for. Every penny your accident is worth is what we’re going to litigate for, especially since serious brain injuries are likelier to cause permanent impairment to some degree.

Leave nothing to chance if you’ve been diagnosed with serious brain injuries. Contact JML Law, an aggressive Anaheim brain injury attorney poised to bring wrongdoers to justice by whatever means is legally necessary.

No-cost consultations are available. We’ll take cases on a contingency fee retainer, meaning our performance dictates whether clients pay or don’t.

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