Anaheim Police Misconduct and Shooting Attorney

Anaheim Police Misconduct and Shooting Attorney

Law enforcement officials are sworn to protect communities from injustices. ‘Policing’ means ‘maintaining,’ police departments are constituted bodies of individuals charged with maintaining cities by local laws and procedures. JML Law is thankful for every man and woman hitting the streets of Anaheim and Los Angeles County daily to combat criminality.

However, sometimes community police are corrupt, begging communities to answer one question: who polices the police?

Victims of police brutality, misconduct, or wrongful death by shooting or strangulation may phone us, an Anaheim police misconduct and shooting attorney firm, who’ll bring individuals sworn to protect to justice. By court or through settlement, we’re an aggressive firm with zero tolerance for ‘rogue’ policemen and women who believe badges empower them to kill or falsely arrest innocent people.

The Problem Is Real, But Our Firm Is, Too.

Make no mistake: JML Law owes an unpayable debt of gratitude toward legitimate law enforcement officials across California for incredible acts of courage and unwavering loyalty toward the communities they serve. Our concern is holding those utilizing excessive force and murdering innocent people accountable for abuse of power and privilege.

This type of unwarranted brutality manifests when:

  1. Police inappropriately beat, bludgeon, main, choke, or otherwise harm suspects with Constitutional rights.
  2. Law enforcement officials shoot innocent folks who are unarmed because they’ve conjured some ‘misguided fear’ for individuals doing no harm.
  3. Police use their tasers inappropriately, causing death by electrocution.
  4. Police ‘fudge’ reports and invite others to be complicit in their mishaps.
  5. Police plant evidence and then arrest those unknowingly holding it, such as drugs or guns.
  6. Law enforcement raids homes without warrants or reasonable suspicion.

Officials who swore to ‘protect and serve’ should follow Federal and State laws. The greater portion does; however, entire departments are brought under investigation due to the misdirected brutality and illegality of one or several bad apples.

What’s worse is when ranking officers above the wrongdoer coverup or otherwise ‘foil’ an attempt to bring these officers to justice. It’s an abomination to our city government.

Let JML Law Deliver Justice

If you’re contemplating retaining an Anaheim police misconduct and shooting attorney because you or someone you love lost their lives or freedom because an officer misbehaved, we’re there for you. All cases taken by our office will be handled professionally, thoroughly, and with the utmost respect for everyone involved. We’ll take your aggrievance to the Chief, mayor, and the judge. We’ll request jury intervention, too, unless a reasonable settlement (including disciplinary action) is achieved.

Witnesses, dashcams, and other available physical evidence are monumental in proving our case. Regardless of how clandestinely abusive police attempt to keep their wrongdoings, our office will unveil the truth.

If you’re being wrongly adjudicated by police for crimes you didn’t commit, or if any form of police brutality, physical or monetary, has ruined your life, contact JML Law today. I’ll review your case and put together an ironclad plan of attack.

Police misconduct is not ok under any circumstance.

Get your questions answered.

Contact Our Lawyers.

Every case is unique and needs to be evaluated by our experienced lawyers. If you been seriously hurt due to the misconduct of a police officer, government officer or police shooting,

give us a call at 818-610-8800 or send us an email to schedule a free initial consultation. There is no risk to meet with us. We get paid only if we win your claim.
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