Long Beach Workers Compensation Attorney

Long Beach Workers Compensation Attorney

Getting injured in the workplace costs more than the injury you sustain. Depending on how intense your injury, you will lose more than just one day of work. You lose time with your family, time working toward improving your career, providing funding for your family and dependents, saving your sick and comp days so you can attend that family reunion that has been in the making for five years, using funds towards your children’s college instead of your medical bills, and potentially the ability to go back to work.

When you are injured on the job you have certain responsibilities: tell your management team, go see a doctor, and complete doctor’s orders. The rest is up to your companies workers compensation insurance company. Unfortunately, when you need them to work for you the most, they don’t. Even though you do all you can to ensure that work is your top priority, your company does not always reciprocate with the same amount of loyalty. This is why it is so important to have a Workers’ Compensation Attorney on your side. At JML Law our Long Beach Workers’ Compensation Attorneys understand that your job is not only the means to your livelihood but for all those who depend on you too. Your injury doesn’t just cost you money, but time for healing and recovery.

Here is a list of the most common workplace injuries that our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys see our clients deal with:

  1. Wrist, Elbow, and Shoulder Injuries
  2. Back and Neck injuries
  3. Leg and knee injuries
  4. Repetitive strain injuries
  5. Chemical and Fumes Exposure/Breathing Problem
  6. Traumatic Brain Injuries
  7. Stress and Anxiety Injuries
  8. Machine Accidents
  9. Hearing Loss
  10. Denied Claims
  11. Slip and Fall Injuries
  12. Preexisting Conditions Exacerbated By Your Job
  13. Death
  14. Disability

This list does not represent all injuries that our attorneys at JML Law are able to handle. Most of these injuries are minor, but without taking the proper steps to amend the problem then you are running the risk of increasing the pain and decreasing your ability to be compensated for the injury ailments caused by work. If you do not tell your doctor specifically that this is a work injury then you run the risk of losing compensation. Whatever injury you may be suffering from know that we candle handle the claim to ensure that you get just compensation as long as you follow the proper rules and guidelines. Our Workers Compensation Attorneys know those rules and guidelines and we are ready to navigate you through that journey.

By hiring a Workers Compensation Attorney you are choosing to stand up for your right to be compensated. You are sending the message that you are worthy of a proper amount of financial help for medical expenses, travel expenses related to your medical situation, lost wages or income, and if you have to file for temporary or permanent disability. Call 810-610-8800 or click here to start a free conversation with our experienced attorneys. Let us show up since the company isn’t showing up for you.

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