If you have never been wheelchair-bound then you may never truly understand the limitations that you constantly face as you move around your home, work, and city. You also don’t realize how much you use your knees, ankles, and feet until you lose access to them. It’s just like when you stub a finger or a toe. You don’t realize how much you use them until you can feel the pain every time that one digit moves. It is crazy how much you can feel in one little too, imagine feeling those pains all throughout your knee, ankle, and feet? Talk to a Los Angeles knee, ankle, and foot injury attorney today.

Types of Injuries That Occur in the Workplace

In certain workplace settings, there are different types of injuries that can happen. Our law firm deals with knee, ankle, and foot injuries the most. Sometimes they can be quite serious and leave a negative impact on the ability to do your job. These types of injuries limit your mobility and make simple tasks more difficult to handle. Ignoring these injuries may result in more severe and permanent damage.

If your work requires you to stand on your feet for long periods of time on a hard floor like concrete then you can face injuries that can deeply affect your workability. If you are injured on to the job related to your knee, ankle, or feet then you are looking at missing work for weeks or months. This means loss of wages, piling of medical bills, unable to perform work, and losing household income. If this sounds like your situation then you are not getting fairly treated by your employment. You have the legal right to file a workers compensation claim which can help you get financial support for your injury.

With worker’s compensation, you will receive the proper medical treatment for your injury as well as coverage for all medical expenses. At JML Law we assist workers in Los Angeles with all matters pertaining to injuries on the job. Any questions in relation to your foot, knee, or ankle injury and how you qualify for worker’s compensation will be answered appropriately by our legal team. We believe you should never have to suffer through injuries. You are entitled to help for recovery just as much as anyone else. JML Law strives in every way possible to help you with benefits that include:

  1. Financial support for medical bills
  2. Financial support for loss of wages
  3. Financial support for short term or long term disability
  4. Financial support for travel needed for medical treatment

Here is a list of some common injuries that those with knee, ankle, and feet injuries incur:

  1. Heel Spur Syndrome: This is localized pain in your heel that can inflame and prevent you from standing or walking which is a big deal if your jobs require you to do so
  2. Hammer Toes: This painful toe injury is when your toes create an inverted V shape. It causes irritation in your shoes and can prevent you from standing or walking
  3. Functional Foot Imbalance: Ankle pain or injury does not have to come from a sharp break or fracture, it can be slow and gradual.
  4. Torn ACLs or cartilage deterioration: Knee injuries are sharp, painful, and can require surgery which can place you out of work for weeks. You must also undergo physical therapy. If your job is demanding for standing then this kind of injury is a harsh blow to your job progress.

Knee, ankle, and foot injuries can result from a variety of situations. The most common actions that lead to injuries include:

  1. Slip and fall accidents
  2. Lifting and carrying heavy objects
  3. Impact on hard surfaces
  4. Overextension
  5. Twisting and irregular movements
  6. Repetitive movements

We find that many repetitive tasks contribute a great deal to injuries over a long period of time. Victims will rarely feel the effects of the pain right away but nevertheless, they very well may be considered work-related injuries.

For a better understanding of these types of injuries below are a few examples of certain workplace injury situations.

  1. A construction worker is on-site and falls while operating equipment. After a visit to the hospital, the worker learns that he is suffering from a fractured knee cap.
  2. Another employee who works in a warehouse is assisting with moving pallets of products. During this, one of the pallets slips and falls on her foot. She now has a broken foot.

In both of these examples, the employee sustained injuries in the workplace. In some cases the employer will try to implement certain measures to reduce the probability of sustaining an injury in the workplace, however, they may still occur.

If you suffer from a knee, ankle, or foot injury you should become familiar with the process to follow in order to receive the proper worker’s compensation. It is important to first seek medical attention if it is an emergency. You then need to inform your employer, fill out a DWC-1 form and return it to your employer to be submitted. Once the form is in possession of your employer make sure you have a copy of the form and wait to receive notification of approval or denial of the claim.

As previously mentioned, knee, ankle, and foot injuries can have a major impact on your ability to work. There are some injuries that are more debilitating than others but regardless any injury can reduce your ability to work effectively. The lower parts of the body provide support and enable proper mobility. It is only natural for an injury in this area to lead to pain and negatively impact your capabilities.

This list is not exhaustive and our Los Angeles workers compensation attorneys at JML Law, a Professional Law Corporation has worked with clients who suffer from a myriad of injuries and illnesses. We are not shy in our advocacy and we take great joy in getting our clients’ positive results. If you are looking for aggressive representation and reassurance that you are heading in the right direction then call 818-610-8800 or click here to work with our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys at JML Law, a Professional Law Corporation in Los Angeles. We don’t’ get paid until you do. It’s our promise to work just for you.

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