Did you accept a job in or around Oakland, California because an employer made promises they failed to deliver on? Or, did you remain in a position based on an employer’s false promises?

In either scenario, you may be able to hold your employer accountable by filing a claim or lawsuit. An Oakland fraudulent inducement of employment attorney at JML Law will review your case and discuss how you may proceed in these circumstances.


An employer can sometimes find it challenging to fill certain positions at their company. Additionally, studies and surveys routinely indicate that the cost of employee turnover can be very high. Employers often wish to avoid these costs by taking various steps to keep their current workers.

Unfortunately, when attempting to fill positions or convince employees to stay with the company instead of seeking jobs elsewhere, some employers behave unethically. Their behavior might even be against the law if they commit fraudulent inducement of employment.

Fraudulent inducement of employment comes in many forms. The next section of this guide will cover several common examples. In general, an employer may be committing fraudulent inducement of employment if they knowingly misrepresent or lie about certain benefits and advantages associated with a position.


The following are a few potential scenarios that may qualify as instances when an employer has fraudulently lured a candidate into a position or convinced an employee to remain in a position:

  • An employer lies to a job applicant about the salary they may earn
  • An employer routinely convinces a current employee to remain with the company by promising a promotion or raise that an employee may never actually be given
  • An employer lies to a candidate about the responsibilities and opportunities for growth associated with a position

This is not an exhaustive list. If you believe your employer has committed fraudulent inducement of employment but the above examples don’t describe the specifics of your circumstances, it is still worth your time to review your case with an attorney. An expert who handles cases involving fraudulent inducement of employment in Oakland, CA and the surrounding areas can help you better understand whether you have grounds to take legal action.


To prove that an employer has committed fraudulent inducement of employment, you must show that:

  • An employer intentionally misrepresented at least one fact when attempting to convince you to take a job or stay in your current role
  • The fact or facts that were misrepresented played a significant role in your decision to take a job or stay with a company
  • The nature of the misrepresentation was such that a reasonable employee or candidate could have relied upon it when deciding to accept a job offer or remain in a current position
  • You incurred compensable losses/damages because you relied on this misrepresentation

Proving these points on your own can be challenging. If you decide to take legal action against an employer for fraudulent inducement of employment, optimize your chances of winning your case by hiring an attorney.

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