October 13, 2017

Getting fired is never easy. But what if we tell you that you can actually (kind of) see it coming?

But not only that. By keeping a sharp eye out and (preferably) documenting certain things, you can actually get compensated for being fired (if you get fired).

“What? So I get fired and I get compensated for that?” you may think. Exactly! Suing your former employer for wrongful termination has become the latest post-termination trend in our country.

In fact, even though statistics show that most wrongful termination lawsuits are unsuccessful, many employees still choose to pursue wrongful termination charges with no help from attorneys.

And that’s where they fail. Without seeking professional advice from wrongful termination attorneys, you can’t possibly hope for a favorable outcome due to the complexity of employment laws that differ from one state to another.

JML Law has represented thousands of clients over the past 35 years, helping them win compensation for their illegal firing and recover millions of dollars for their damages and lost wages.

Here at our Los Angeles offices, we encourage our clients to prepare for wrongful termination lawsuits way in advance (if possible). Here are 10 things you should look out for and (collect as evidence) before being terminated.

Look out for these discriminatory things

Under federal and state law in Los Angeles, even ‘at-will’ employees cannot be fired for discriminatory reasons such as their race, religion, sex, age, disability, medical condition, marital status, and other discriminatory reasons.

Look out for and document these discriminatory acts by your employer before or even after termination:

  1. any direct statements from employers (both verbal and written).
  2. circumstantial evidence (all employees that have been fired with you were all women, or you’re the third pregnant women to get fired in a row, or you got fired soon after the employer found out about your religion or national origin).
  3. employees are treated differently on the basis of race, gender, age, or other (the employer can tolerate white workers being late for work, but fires a Mexican employee for coming 5 minutes late).
  4. any comments or actions that indicate bias against certain groups (look for witnesses if this was the case).

Note: don’t hesitate to file a wrongful termination charge for longer than 180 days after the alleged discriminatory act took place. Consult our Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney about your particular case.

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Harassment things to look out for

You’re also entitled to file a wrongful termination claim on the basis of harassment if you experience and document any of the following:

  1. the employer makes offensive or insulting comments about your race, religion, sex, age, disability, medical condition, marital status, and other discriminatory factors
  2. the employer makes unsolicited sexual advances or offers to have sex in exchange for promotions, pay raises, or bonuses
  3. employer and employee were in a relationship and the latter was fired after the relationship ended.

Retaliation signs to document

Under federal and state law in Los Angeles, you’re also protected against retaliation. Thus, the employer cannot fire you for whistleblowing or engaging in other protected practices such as reporting illegal activities in the workplace.

Look out for these signs of retaliation if you chose to expose discriminatory or illegal behavior in the workplace or other misconduct:

  1. the employer or supervisors warned you against reporting violations in the company to authorities
  2. they reacted negatively or punished you for it in any way
  3. they were aware that the whistleblower was you before the termination.

These are the 10 discriminatory, harassment, or retaliation signs you might want to look out for before being terminated.

If you believe any of the above-mentioned took place, call our Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney to get help with your particular case.

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