4 Common Examples of Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

By: JML Law | April 12, 2022.

Gender discrimination in the workplace can take many forms. Thus, sometimes victims of gender discrimination don’t even fully realize they are being improperly treated based on their gender identity.

It would be impossible to cover all forms of potential workplace gender discrimination in a single blog entry. The following are merely a few basic examples that illustrate the various ways gender discrimination can manifest.

Being Paid Less for the Same Work

This is among the most common form of gender discrimination in the workplace. To this day, it remains fairly common in some organizations for workers to be paid less for the same work based on their gender. This is a clear-cut example of gender discrimination that cannot be tolerated.

Being Judged Based on Assumptions About Gendered Behavior

This type of gender discrimination can be subtle, but it may nevertheless have a significant impact on a worker’s ability to move up in a company and earn the respect of their supervisors and peers.

Essentially, some people make assumptions about how others are “supposed” to behave based on their gender identity. This can influence how their behavior is perceived or treated.

For example, if an employee who identifies as male is relatively forceful and direct in their communication style, their supervisors might treat this as a positive quality, stating that they are “assertive.” However, if an employee who identifies as female were to communicate in the same manner, they might be told they are behaving too “aggressively.”

Being Disciplined Based on Gender

This example is similar to the previous one. If you have been disciplined for certain behaviors, consider whether employees of another gender have engaged in the same behaviors without being disciplined. Gender discrimination in the workplace may occur when there are inconsistent standards regarding which types of behavior warrant disciplinary action.

Consider what others might expect of you based on your gender identity. If you feel you are being punished or mistreated because your behavior does not align with those expectations, you may be the victim of gender discrimination.

Being Denied Advancement

Another common form of gender discrimination involves preventing someone from “climbing the ladder” based on their gender. Sometimes, this can be overt, such as clearly denying someone a promotion or raise. However, this might also occur when someone is not invited to participate in a training activity while coworkers of another gender are given this opportunity.

Just be aware that this is by no means an exhaustive list. These examples should merely help you understand some of the various forms gender discrimination in the workplace can take.

If you believe you have been the victim of gender discrimination in the workplace, while you may report the experience to HR, there is a strong possibility your employer will not be proactive in regard to addressing the issue. You have other options if this occurs. At JML Law, our team of Los Angeles gender discrimination attorneys will review your case and let you know whether you have grounds to take legal action. Learn more by contacting us online or calling us at 818-610-8800 to schedule your free consultation.

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