Signs You Were the Victim of Age Discrimination on the Job

By: JML Law | March 24, 2022.

Although discrimination is illegal in the workplace, employers continue to find ways to discriminate against employees based on characteristics like race and gender. One form of discrimination that is constantly overlooked is age discrimination. This form of discrimination occurs when an employee is mistreated on the job based on their age. There are several ways that employers can perform age discrimination at the workplace. Our Los Angeles age discrimination attorneys outline some of the signs that an employer has performed age discrimination in today’s blog.

Younger Workers Are Constantly Replacing Older Workers

One sign of age discrimination is when employers fire or lay off older workers and hire younger workers as their replacements. Employers use this tactic to avoid being outright accused of age discrimination. An example of this would include removing older workers’ positions only to hire younger workers with the same experience but minor differences. Another example is when employers consistently hire younger applicants.

Employers Assume Older Workers Are Incapable of Performing Certain Tasks

There is an assumption that older people struggle with new advances in technology or learning how to perform new tasks in general. When employers or other employees insinuate through comments that older workers are incapable of specific functions like using a computer, that can be considered an ageist and offensive comment.
Another way that employers discriminate against older workers is by overlooking older workers for professional development opportunities. When employers reserve learning opportunities like conferences and workshops for younger workers, that is a blatant form of discrimination. Older workers are interested in advancing in their careers and are entitled to the same opportunities as younger workers.

Employers Constantly Pass Over Older Workers For Promotions

Another way employers can overlook the achievements of older workers is by constantly overlooking them for promotions. Older workers are just as passionate about their careers as younger workers and remain in their careers for more extended periods. An example of this form of discrimination would be rewarding a younger worker with a promotion over an older worker, even though the younger worker has not been with the company for as long or has performed to the same standard as the more senior worker.

Older Workers Are Being Ridiculed Because of Their Age at the Workplace

Any derogatory remarks, or even jokes about a person’s age, are a form of ageism at the workplace. Some examples of offensive comments made by employers or other employees include asking an older worker when they plan to retire, making fun of a person’s memory, or implying that the older worker will have an issue with anything related to technology. Even if the intention was to be subtle with the joke, it is still considered a form of ageism.

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