86-Year-Old Crashes into Oxnard Costco, 5 Injured

By: JML Law | March 12, 2018.
86-Year-Old Crashes into Oxnard Costco, 5 Injured

When you visit Costco, you go in search of bulk buys and bargains – it has probably never crossed your mind that you could be mown down by a motorist crashing into the store’s entrance. This is exactly what happened to five unlucky shoppers at Oxnard Costco around 11.30 am on Monday 19th March. According to reports from Oxnard and Ventura County Fire officials, the 86-year-old driver of a 1989 Buick Regal had a lapse in judgment when attempting to park, accidentally placing his car into reverse and accelerating.

Police have said that drugs and alcohol are not suspected of playing a role in the accident, which saw several people struck by the car. Two shoppers were taken to the hospital for medical treatment, although none are believed to have been seriously injured.

The driver of the Buick was uninjured in the incident.

What to Do after a Los Angeles Car Accident

An almost 30-year-old Buick being reversed, albeit accidentally, into shoppers at Costco on a Monday morning is perhaps not the most typical example of what a Los Angeles car accident Lawyer is accustomed to handling, but it is definitely not beyond our expertise. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your collision, the general steps you should follow remain largely the same.

  1. If you can, exit the vehicle and move clear of the scene, and any oncoming traffic
  2. If possible, check on all other drivers and passengers involved – including the driver you believe to have caused the car accident
  3. No matter what, do not leave the scene. Call 911 immediately and inform the police of the accident. Stay at the scene until the police have advised you are free to leave
  4. Do not answer any questions you feel may be incriminating, or leading you into supplying certain answers. You are not obliged to give a statement to anyone but the police, and should not do so without advice from your Los Angeles car accident attorney
  5. Similarly, you should not sign any waivers or other documents without seeking legal advice from your attorney

How Can a Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney Help

As experienced Los Angeles car accident attorneys, we understand that you will want, and need, a prompt and accurate resolution to your claim. The exact action we take will depend on the specifics of your case but, in general:

  1. Your Los Angeles car accident attorney will thoroughly review all available evidence, photos, and police reports, ensuring no essential details have been missed
  2. If necessary, the accident will be reconstructed, to give us a clear understanding of what actually happened
  3. Once we have built your complaint and ensured you are happy with the details, we will pursue the responsible motorist, or insurance company, using a comprehensive and aggressive approach, proven to get results
  4. We will only accept a settlement where we feel it is in your best interests to do so, and that the offer made is fair and reasonable. Otherwise, your Los Angeles car accident attorney will be prepared to litigate, taking your case to trial to ensure we obtain the best possible outcome

To discuss your car accident with an esteemed Los Angeles attorney, call us today on 818-610-8800 to schedule an initial consultation.

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