March 14, 2018

Police officers responding to a call in Sacramento on Sunday, March 18 have fatally shot an unarmed man in the backyard of his own home. Two officers from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department have been placed onto paid administrative leave following the incident, which took place at around 9.25 pm on the 7500 blocks of 29th Street. According to reports, the officers were directed towards the man by colleagues in a helicopter, who reported the man as matching the description of a suspect allegedly breaking into cars in the area. After a short pursuit, the man was shot by police officers who apparently believed he was pointing a firearm in their direction, resulting in the man being pronounced dead at the scene.

Despite the officers claiming they believed the man was armed, and earlier reports from the helicopter crew reported that he was using a crowbar to break windows, an exhaustive search of the area revealed nothing more than a cellphone.

Sacramento police have since stated that footage from the body cameras worn by both officers, in addition to that recovered from the helicopter, will be made public in due course.

Have You Lost a Loved One in an Accident?

It is never a good time, or a pleasant experience, to lose a loved one, but the grief and sense of loss can be exacerbated when their death has occurred due to either negligent or deliberately dangerous actions of another. If you have lost a loved one in circumstances you feel may fall into either of these categories, a Riverside wrongful death attorney could help you.

We understand that all the money in the world will not bring back the person you are now forced to adjust to life without, but a wrongful death compensation claim could help you to cover funeral costs, lost future earnings and other costs you have incurred because of their passing.

If your loved one was partly at fault in the accident, this does not disqualify you from filing a wrongful death suit. Rather, any damages awarded will be reduced by the percentage of fault. For example, if your loved one was found to be 30% at fault in an accident where $100,000 would be awarded, your wrongful death claim would be worth $70,000.

How Do I Make a Wrongful Death Claim in Riverside?

If you believe you are eligible for the file for wrongful death compensation, you should contact an experienced Riverside wrongful death attorney in the first instance. Following an initial consultation, your attorney can identify whether you qualify to make the claim, bearing in mind that there are strict rules, meaning you will generally need to be a parent, spouse, or child of the deceased. In reality, the eligibility rules extend a little further than this, so it is important to seek legal representation if you feel you may qualify.
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