Back to school could mean more sport injuries

By: JML Law | August 11, 2017.
Back to school could  mean more sport injuries

As children go back to school and join so many activities including PE chances are they expose themselves to more sports-related injuries. There is always a safe way to be part of organized sports but even under such circumstances, injuries are inevitable. Being aware of some common symptoms can help prevent some sports injuries. However, if your child has been injured doing school sports, you should contact a Los Angeles sports injury attorney and investigate the occurrence in more depth.

The symptoms

If you have become suspicious of your child’s school activities, and perhaps he or she is experiencing symptoms that suggest the presence of injuries. One of most evident ways to recognize a possible injury is to look at the symptoms. Remember some injuries and conditions take time to develop and show up. If your child is having unusual pain, swollenness, rashes or anything else that suggests he or she has been hurt, seek immediate medical attention.

Contact sports

Some parents think contact sports are dangerous for kids. There are no safe sports. Accidents can happen anywhere, even when you are not exercising or doing sports. You just need to take the right precautions and teach your children to avoid risky situations. Of course high-contact sports are risky but the point is using protective wear or anything else that may help your child prevent the common injuries associated with such sports.

Prevention and intense sports

The best way to prevent injuries when playing intense sports is to wear protective equipment and if your child gets injured, don’t allow him or her go back to the game. Even when the injury was a secondary one, it can become something more serious, when not treated promptly.

Children should not move to the next level or pay more intense sports if they don’t feel ready. Ask them if they have headaches or feel dizzy. If they are experiencing symptoms such as intense pain on the back, neck, arms and legs, it may not be the right time to increase sporting activities.

Most common school sports injuries

Some of the most common school sports injuries include:

  1. Muscle strains – This occurs when over stretching a muscle. It’s very painful and the muscle can be sore and look slightly swollen. Although strains can hurt any muscle, they are generally common in the shoulders, neck and lower back. The best way to prevent them is by stretching out before joining any sporting activities.
  2. Sprained ankles – Young athletes can experience them often. The ligaments connecting the bones can be torned causing swelling and difficulty walking.
  3. Shin splints – They tend to occur more when engaged in high-impact sports, jumping and running. They are very painful and more common in runners.

Safety tips

Some safety tips that may help avoid the above-described injuries include:

  1. Taking a physical exam before participating in any school sports.
  2. Warm up or stretch out before exercising or doing sports.
  3. Drinking plenty of water especially in hot weather.
  4. Wearing sports-friendly clothing and protective gear.
  5. Taking breaks and resting when needed.
  6. Take some time off from sports each week.
  7. Study the signs and symptoms associated with injuries caused by the particular sports your children like.
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