Bullet-Proof Ways to Tell If You Were Wrongfully Terminated

By: JML Law | September 28, 2017.
Bullet-Proof Ways to Tell If You Were Wrongfully Terminated

The phrase “wrongful termination” is commonly misinterpreted and used inappropriately by employees that have been fired by their bosses.

Sure, there’s nothing worse than hearing the words “You’re fired” when you have to provide for your family, pay the mortgage and make both ends meet…

But how to tell if you were wrongfully terminated or legally fired?

Being part of California – an ‘at will’ state – there’s much confusion about wrongful termination in Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, and all across California, an employee can be terminated for a number of reasons — or no reason at all. Being an ‘at will’ employee, you and your employer agreed that neither of you would need a reason to terminate the contract.

However, by no means does it mean that employers should feel free to fire their employees just because they didn’t like the look on their face, for expressing his/her views, or exposing workplace misconduct to authorities.

Were you fired for any of the following reasons

It’s illegal to fire an employee for participating in legal activities. If you have been fired for any of the following, you’re entitled to pursue a wrongful termination claim:

  1. In retaliation for whistleblowing (exposing illegal activities in the workplace, sexual harassment or misconduct).
  2. For participating in union activities.
  3. For expressing your political views that differ from those of your employer.
  4. For discrimination of age, race, skin color, religion, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, disability, medical condition and more.
  5. For taking time off due to maternity leave or caring for a family member who is sick or disabled.
  6. For refusing to take part in illegal activities.
  7. Your employer violated any bargaining agreement or contract signed between you.
  8. You were terminated by the employer to avoid paying your wages, commissions, and bonuses.
  9. Your employer has a handbook that says the employee must receive two written warnings for misconduct or poor performance before they are terminated (and your employer hasn’t issued any).

If neither of the above applies to your particular case but you still believe you were wrongfully terminated, consult an experienced wrongful termination attorney in Los Angeles to investigate your particular case.

Call JML Law offices in Los Angeles at 818-610-8800 or send us an email to find out if your firing was illegal.

JML Law has a proven track record of representing thousands of clients that have been wrongfully terminated over the past 35 years. Become our client today and win compensation for your illegal firing.

What do I need to win a wrongful termination lawsuit in Los Angeles
Four P’s: patience, persistence, proof, and presence of your attorney.

If you think you lost your job due to wrongful termination, you’re entitled to compensation. Prior to filing a wrongful termination lawsuit in Los Angeles, you need to do the following:

  1. Consult our experienced wrongful termination attorney at 818-610-8800 to maximize your compensation
  2. And collect all available evidence to prove the wrongful termination.

Seek the help of JML Law’s attorney to know what kind of evidence you need in order to file a wrongful termination lawsuit in Los Angeles and win it. Every case is unique, which means the evidence you need to collect may differ from one case to another.

We offer a free initial consultation.

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