Do I Really Need a Car Accident Attorney?

By: JML Law | September 28, 2017.
Do I Really Need a Car Accident Attorney?

Let’s face it: a car accident can happen to anyone.

While driving slowly and safely can certainly minimize the risk of getting into a car accident, you never know what’s coming for you at the next intersection (lots of wackos are speeding and driving recklessly in Riverside nowadays).

Earlier this month, a Riverside driver smashed into a Nissan sedan at a high rate of speed resulting in collisions with five other vehicles.

Best case scenario, a car crash will ruin your day and make it impossible to reach your office in time. Worst case scenario, you or the other party involved in the car accident will suffer minor or severe injuries.

If you want to avoid legal trouble and/or get a favorable compensation for the damages, it’s vital to consult an accident attorney before agreeing to any settlement agreement or admitting your fault.

After all, car insurance companies attempt to minimize compensation at all costs. Meaning: their investigation will usually be unfair, while an initial settlement agreement almost never recovers the full value of damages.

Get in touch with our Riverside car accident attorney by calling JML Law at 818-610-8800 today. We offer a free initial consultation and assess the full value of damages in your particular case.

Hire a car accident attorney in these 10 cases.

You’re probably wondering by now, “Okay, in what cases is it a ‘must’ to hire a car accident attorney for my own safety and fair compensation?”

In any of the following car accident scenarios, consulting a lawyer is paramount to maximize compensation and win a lawsuit (if it goes to court):

  1. Either of the parties has been injured, especially if the injuries are serious and require hospitalization.
  2. The car accident turned out to be fatal.
  3. Neither you nor the other party is willing to admit fault.
  4. Other vehicles or pedestrians were directly affected by the car accident;
  5. You don’t agree with the police report.
  6. You’re being blamed for the car accident, but you don’t agree that you’re at fault.
  7. The other party is threatening to file a lawsuit.
  8. Your insurance company refuses to provide compensation or provides insufficient compensation for your damages.
  9. You have no insurance whatsoever, or your current insurance can’t recover the damages.
  10. Your insurer brings his/her own attorney to the car accident scene.

In any of the above-mentioned cases, it’s vital to seek help from a Riverside car accident attorney, preferably one from a well-established law firm such as JML Law.

Here at JML Law, we have handled numerous car accident cases both at the scene of the car crash and in court. We’ve helped our clients obtain a just and fair compensation for their pain and suffering and all the damages, including medical bills, lost wages and earning capacity and more.

If you’re confused and don’t know how to handle a situation as stressful as a car accident, don’t hesitate and call our office at 818-610-8800 or send us an email.

We’ll help you figure out what things to say and which steps to take at the scene when talking to the other party, car insurer or their attorney.

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