Common Signs of a Hostile Work Environment

By: JML Law | March 8, 2022.
Common Signs of a Hostile Work Environment

With so many occupations facing understaffing issues and job burnout, the need to maintain a positive work environment is more crucial than it has ever been. Still, some employers drop the ball and participate in creating a hostile work environment for employees. A hostile work environment is more severe than just a few bad days at the office. The nature of the environment can cause employees to become intimidated and fear speaking out against illegal acts committed by employers. If you fear that you are currently in a hostile work environment, here are some signs to confirm your suspicions from our San Bernadino hostile work environment attorney.

Passive-Aggressive Acts

Employers or other employees who blatantly display their anger towards another person are just some examples of aggression at the workplace. Regardless of whether the person is a supervisor or coworker, every professional should execute some form of emotional self-control in the workplace. If employers or other employees are engaging in passive-aggressive acts at work, it indicates a hostile work environment.

Promoting Unhealthy Acts of Competition

There is nothing wrong with competition at the workplace. However, when employers begin to cause divisiveness or promote unhealthy ways to stir competition between different employees, that is a form of a hostile work environment. These irresponsible actions can cause employees to ridicule, harass, or outright disrespect one another. Any activity that threatens the unity of a team can develop a hostile work environment.

Favoring Specific Workers

When employers show specific workers blatant favoritism, it can impact the dynamics of the work environment. Employers who allow specific workers to get away with a little more or treat other workers differently from the rest cause hostility within the work environment. The workers who are not favored will begin to resent the ones who are, and the workplace morale will decrease as a result.

Intentionally Preventing Employees From Growing in The Workplace

Another sign of a hostile work environment is a supervisor or manager who intentionally prevents other workers from advancing in their careers. The truth is that some managers want specific positions for themselves and are willing to step on anyone or anything to secure that position. When employees sense that their leaders do not have their best interests at heart and are sabotaging them at every turn, it can cause hostility in the workplace. These tactics make it difficult for employees to continue to trust their managers or collaborate with them.

Public Humiliation

Employers who intentionally discipline other employees or make an example out of employees in front of others create a hostile work environment. Employers do not have to humiliate an employee to discipline them publicly.

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