October 12, 2021

One of the most important tools at one’s disposal following a harmful experience with a rogue police officer is knowledge. Keeping up-to-date on the most recent and important changes in laws concerning the actions of police officers is critical to the legal aftermath of such an unfortunate event. This is why JML Law not only wants to inform the public of the new changes to public safety departments in the state of California but provides Los Angeles police misconduct attorneys to help you with your legal needs.

Legislators Fire At Police Misconduct – But Not Without Recoil

New, sweeping reforms concerning police misconduct have been passed by the California state government. Following the end of the recent recall election aimed at removing Governor Gavin Newsom from office, the Democratic politician has signed a slew of new laws into effect – eight in total.

The new measures include raising the minimum age at which police officers can enlist in the force from 18 to 21. In addition, new standards have been set in place for the use of tear gas, rubber bullets, and suspect restraint that impedes the ability of one to breathe. Police officers’ badges additionally will be subject to permanent removal for racial bias, excessive force, and dishonesty. These measures are being compared by public media to the George Floyd incident that occurred just over a year ago.

Newsom was quick to point out that multiple California communities are on edge over the reports of police abuse and misconduct in the media. He added that the lack of reform on the federal level has only aided in the heightened sensitivity of the subject. Los Angeles County district attorney George Gascón stated that he believes these changes will provide a more fair experience for people of color in the community. Another district attorney, Cristine Soto DeBerry, believes that “we are in a crisis of trust”, and that the new measures will add “more trust… transparency… and accountability.”

The new laws were not accepted by all, however. The California Association of Highway Patrolmen opposed the new state measures. Representatives from other groups such as the California Police Chiefs Association added that officers may not be able to determine if a suspect has a weapon or have a comprehensive knowledge of a given situation that they are presented with. Other law enforcement groups joined the organizations, saying that they will not be able to sufficiently keep Californians safe from criminals.

In addition to being barred from becoming a police officer in the future if engaging in misconduct, a Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training will have the power to investigate claims made against a police officer. In addition, colleges and universities that receive public funding are suggested to add degrees in policing, and crowd control weapons are no longer allowed to be aimed at vital areas of the body such as the head and neck.

JML Law Protecting Victims, Even from State Officers

Police misconduct is a serious offense and has led to the death and injury of many people across southern California. Communicating the rights that you are afforded by state legislation is important to JML Law. That is why we provide free consultations with our Los Angeles police misconduct attorneys at 818-610-8800. Call us or message us here to find financial compensation for the injustices you have faced at the hands of a rogue police officer.