December 13, 2018

Los Angeles is a city full of opportunity and talent. With its close competition to New York City, Los Angeles lures over 48 million visitors a year and the amount of visitors is ever-increasing. It is projected that by 2020 Los Angeles will see over 50 million visitors to the great city. With tons of activities from shopping to shows to laying out on the beach, Los Angeles has plenty to offer anyone. The club scene is like no other and the restaurants are delectable. But this isn’t a pitch for you to come to Los Angeles. Instead, this is a warning sign. For all those who visit Los Angeles, they need a way to get around, and the most popular option is a car.

Los Angeles was made for driving. The beach boulevard and multi-lane highways allow for some fun maneuvering but due to all the congestion, a car accident is most likely, too likely. Rush hour usually starts at 3 pm and ends around 7 pm. This means that max congestion is around 5 pm. This is when you see those infamous pictures of highways that look like parking lots. Surely you wouldn’t have an accident right? Wrong. Los Angeles is renowned for having multi-car accidents and chances increase when it is raining and on certain days and times.

Los Angeles doesn’t get a lot of rain. So when the moisture does decide to pour down, some drivers aren’t sure what to do about it. Between the hours of 3 pm and 7 pm, and if it is raining, there is a higher probability of an accident happening than when the weather is dry. In fact, Los Angeles experiences more than 10 crashes an hour for several hours throughout the day when it is rainy versus when it is dry. This means that your chances increase if the weather is poorer. So what do you do about it?

You may have heard this before, but when you get into a car accident be sure to call the police and get all the information from all the drives. Try to take pictures and get other statements from surrounding witnesses. Do all this AND call a car accident attorney or do none of these steps, but STILL, call an Attorney. JML Law, a Professional Law Corporation, has an experienced and resourceful Los Angeles car accident attorney who knows exactly what is needed in order to show the court that you had little to no negligence in this accident.

If you try to fight an accident by yourself, it will only be you against the insurance company. This isn’t a David and Goliath situation. It is an ant and a human shoe situation. This means the chances of you surviving are slim to none unless you have aggressive and educated attorneys by your side. Call 818-610-8800 or click here to discuss your situation today. We are ready to receive your information and fight for you to get the compensation needed to sustain your inevitable injuries.