Police Cars Injure & Kill Pedestrians: Scary Trends in Riverside and LA

By: JML Law | November 23, 2017.
Police Cars Injure & Kill Pedestrians: Scary Trends in Riverside and LA

Police are supposed to protect civilians and offer their help to those in need. But in reality, sadly, police officers oftentimes do more damage than good.

Unfortunately and ironically, many police officers speed and run red lights, justifying it with a questionable explanation, “Well, we’re trying to get the bad guys!”

But what they don’t seem to realize is that violating traffic rules is what makes them the bad guys, too, as they are putting the lives of thousands of Riverside people walking on the sidewalk as well as car drivers sharing the roads with them in danger.

Last week, a terrifying car accident involving a police car took place in Riverside and another, even more, horrifying accident occurred in Los Angeles.

Riverside police car accident: Is the police trying to put the blame on someone else

In the Riverside police car accident, a pedestrian was hit and injured by a patrol vehicle when he was crossing the road.

A 25-year-old man stepped off a center divider and into the path of the police car, the official police statement said of the car accident involving the police vehicle.

But the injured victim of the car accident was never given the opportunity to speak out and recall the exact circumstances of the accident. The man is in critical but stable condition at Riverside Community Hospital, where he will most likely hire a Riverside car accident attorney to investigate the accident independently.

The Riverside Police Department, meanwhile, is looking for a mystery driver of a minivan that was allegedly traveling near the police car at the time of the accident and is believed to have distracted the police officer.

Our police car accident attorneys here at JML Law will keep an eye on the developments in the case, and, having experience with litigating car accidents involving police cars we’re certainly open to assisting the victim – and victims of similar police car accidents – and find out who was liable for causing the injuries.

Los Angeles car accident involving police vehicle: two boys killed

In an even scarier car accident involving a patrol vehicle in Los Angeles, two young boys were killed and their mother was critically injured when a Los Angeles County sheriff’s police car rammed into a sidewalk at a high speed.

The patrol vehicle is said to have been headed to an emergency call and crashed with another vehicle prior to hitting five pedestrians on the sidewalk.

The police car accident occurred on Thursday night. LAPD said the police car was headed to an emergency call after it responded to a report of a gunshot victim nearby.

Investigators are still trying to determine whether or not the police officer was using emergency lights and sirens when his car collided with another car. Witnesses, however, claim that the police car was speeding without its lights on; but the patrol vehicle did activate its lights only after it reached the intersection, just moments before it slammed into another car.

As a result of the collision, the patrol vehicle ran off the road and hit five pedestrians, injuring three and killing two small boys.

What to do in a car accident with a police car

Here at JML Law, our car accident attorneys have taken dozens of such cases to trial, helping victims of scary car crashes involving police cars recover damages and hold police officers liable for speeding and running red lights.

With or without lights and sirens, police cars are supposed to follow traffic rules and not put the lives of civilians in danger. Sadly, many police officers in Riverside and Los Angeles abuse their power and get away with it, leaving hundreds of pedestrians and car drivers killed as a result of their negligence.

If you got into a car accident involving a police car, contact our Riverside car accident attorney to investigate your case. The longer you wait, the fewer chances you have to collect all the damages sustained in the car accident.

JML Law has tried many such cases to verdict, obtaining six- to eight-figure settlements for the victims of traffic accidents involving police cars.

Call our Riverside offices at 818-610-8800 today or send an email to schedule a free initial consultation.

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