How Police Misconduct Leads to Helping Gang Members Flee

By: JML Law | November 22, 2017.
How Police Misconduct Leads to Helping Gang Members Flee

Gangs, turf wars, and gang rivalries are something Los Angeles has to put up with every day. There are roughly 1.4 million members of US gangs nationally, and police officers and law enforcement officers are working hard to bust them.

But not all of them, it appears. A police sergeant in Nevada is accusing a prominent LAPD officer, who has for years taken on street gangs in Los Angeles – most notably the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang – of interfering with the hunt for a gang member and helping him flee the country.

The Nevada police sergeant filed a 10-page memo to the FBI, in which she accused LAPD Det. Frank Flores, a prominent LA gang cop, of meddling and helping the murder suspect flee the country. The case dates back to 2011 when Flores was part of an FBI-led task force investigating MS-13.

Flores is a long-time expert specializing in gangs and namely MS-13. The LAPD detective has testified about the gang’s secretive inner workings many times.

The Nevada sergeant is accusing Flores of openly discussing the identity of his informant and failing to arrest the gang member in question, which helped the murder suspect flee the country.

The sergeant has come forward with her accusations several years ago, but Flores was reportedly been cleared of any wrongdoing by an internal investigation within the Los Angeles Police Department.

In the 10-page memo, the sergeant details Flores’ suspicious behavior during the hunt for the gang member and his reluctance to reveal his informant’s name or telephone number.

The gang problem in America and Trump

The sergeant’s accusations are troubling as gangs in the U.S., and specifically in Los Angeles, seem to thrive and continue to wreak havoc on the streets of our nation. There are roughly more than 10,000 MS-13 gang members in the U.S., while the gang originates from Los Angeles.

Fact: of the roughly 1,300 anti-gang arrests in the U.S., 104 gang members were linked to MS-13.

The gang problem in America heated up during the U.S. presidential campaign in 2016, when the then-presidential hopeful Donald Trump vowed to take on street gangs in the U.S. and carry out operations that would eliminate gangs, including MS-13, from the streets of Los Angeles and other cities in our country.

Trump has been widely criticized for some of his policies, as part of the efforts to take on gangs in America would be hardline immigration policies and border security.

Police misconduct in Los Angeles is troubling

Police misconduct is one of the most troubling issues that eat America from the inside that we, here at JML Law, have witnessed throughout the past 35 years.

Time and time again, our police misconduct attorneys have realized the importance of having fair, honest, law-obedient, non-violent, and non-corrupt police officers on the streets of Los Angeles and elsewhere across our nation.

As long as the police and courts in the U.S. violate laws, treat citizens without respect, and disregard civil liberties, we will have a country full of street gangs, murderers, drug dealers, and other dangerous elements that disrupt peace within the country and threaten our safety and the safety of our loved ones, family members and friends.

Holding police accountable for their unlawful actions and for police misconduct is one way to make ourselves safer on the streets of Los Angeles. Police in LA will regain public trust only after it eradicates its unlawful practices, police brutality, unlawful arrests, wrongful convictions, and other forms of police misconduct.

Do you want to hold a police officer or law enforcement official accountable for his/her unlawful acts? Consult our Los Angeles police misconduct attorney here at JML Law by calling 818-610-8800 today or send an email for a free case evaluation.

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