May 3, 2019

Have you ever seen The Heat starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy? In this film, a woman from the FBI and a woman from Boston PD partner up to find a drug lord who is brutally murdering innocent people. Spoiler alert: the drug lord is able to get away with murder because he was actually working for the police department. There are many movies based on this premise. The concept of the crooked cop is not new in the movies nor is it new in reality. The police have a history of violence with civilians. Whether you were guilty or not, you have rights and you have the right to hear those rights. You also have the right to be treated humanely.

Our police misconduct attorneys at JML Law have heard the story over and over again. Someone was arrested by mistake. Someone was arrested and they were innocent. Someone was brutally assaulted by the police and then arrested. Someone was shot by the police. These behaviors are not new and they aren’t stopping. Who is there to help you? Can you tell the police about the police? No. Instead, you can reach out to our police misconduct attorneys. Our job is to protect those who have experienced injustice. Our job is to uncover truths and try to make our clients feel whole again.

Died After Police Brutality

We know bad people can be really bad. We understand that women and men do not always feel respected when they put on their police uniforms. However, that does not grant them the right to let out their anger on the ones they arrest. Alejandro Jose Felix Hernandez was allegedly high when he unlawfully entered a gas station just after midnight. He assaulted an employee when he entered. The police came shortly afterward and tried to detain Hernandez. The store clerk verified evidence that Hernandez was resisting arrest and was combative with the police.

In order to subdue Hernandez, they used batons, fists, knee strikes to the head, and at least one taser. Because of this excessive force, Hernandez was more than subdued. He had bruises, and a broken leg, and was in a vegetative state. However, the most concerning part of all the events were that Hernandez’s body was passed to four different hospitals before ultimately dying. None of his medical reports mentioned how he was beaten by police officers and the death report cited that Hernandez died of natural causes. Hernandez’s family hired an attorney because they knew something wasn’t right.

What To Do

The police have a job to protect society from dangerous people. It is a tough job, but their title does not give them free rein to brutally attack people. Hernandez’s story is one of many. His story could be yours. If you or someone you love is suffering from police misconduct, skip talking to the police and talk to our Police Misconduct Attorneys today. Call 818-610-8800 or click here to start a free consultation to explore ways to protect yourself with JML Law today.