Things to keep in Mind When Filing Your Car Insurance Claim

By: JML Law | September 16, 2017.
Things to keep in Mind When Filing Your Car Insurance Claim

Car accidents can happen to anyone and you must be prepared to handle all circumstances surrounding your accident, including car insurance claims. It is important to communicate with your insurance on a regular basis and follow the necessary steps to get reimbursement for all your damages and injuries sustained in the accident.

Sometimes insurance companies act hostile toward policyholders. In order to best dispute your insurance company’s actions, you must hire an experienced Riverside car accident attorney to handle your car insurance claim dispute. Some of the most common claims include medical costs, damages to your vehicle, and claims for stolen property and repairs.

The best time to file your claim

You must contact your insurance right after the accident. You may have to file a claim if the vehicle was either stolen, vandalized, or damaged. Your auto insurance company’s phone number should be listed on your insurance card.

Essential information

There is some information you will provide your insurance company:

  1. Your contact info and policy number.
  2. When the policy starts and ends.
  3. When the incident occurred.
  4. Contact info of all drivers and individuals involved in the accident.

You may need to complete a sworn statement as well and include all details about the accident. Remember to take good photos of damages to your vehicle. Some people like to make temporary fixes to the car while waiting for reimbursement. However, you will not be compensated for any repairs before you are reimbursed.

Compensation for bodily injuries

If the accident was not your fault, the other driver’s insurance should cover you. California is a fault state therefore the person has to be found guilty before the insurance pays for all the losses. Coverage such as medical payments and uninsured motorists can also help with your injuries. It is important you consider using your medical insurance before making a decision about seeking optional medical options.

Handling bodily injury and damage claims

There are some steps you will need to take in order to handle these claims, including taking photos, filing a police report, receiving medical treatment, and hiring a Riverside car accident attorney.
Property claims are more complicated. It all depends on the cause of the accident and your insurance coverage. The two major coverages include:

  1. Damages to your vehicle after the accident
  2. Damages for events non-accident related

You must contact your insurance immediately after the accident and they will send an insurance adjuster to inspect your vehicle and assess the damages. You must save all important documentation such as receipts as they are also an important part of your claim.

Hire an attorney

If you want to move forward with your claim and receive all the compensation you are entitled to receive, you can always hire a car accident attorney. An attorney will make sure you are fully compensated. Contact us today and schedule your free initial consultation. We can help you with all the required paperwork and speed up the process.

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