September 15, 2017

Many adults over the age of 21 have had the after drink snack and many even craze some pizza. While most adults will simple order a pizza or take a rideshare to a local pizza shop. However, for one Los Angeles drunken driver this was not the case. The suspected drunken driver drove straight into the front of Belmont Heights pizza shop. Luckily, the restaurant was closed for repairs and not fully functioning. Sadly, one person was injured during the crash. The incident occurred around 2 in the morning and reports say the driver crashed into several parked cars before hitting the pizza shop. When police arrived the driver was on the run and the passenger was in the car injured. The police quickly caught up with the suspect and transported the passenger to the hospital. There did not seem to appear any life-threatening injuries. Sadly for Los Angeles residents who visit this local pizza shop will have to wait several weeks since the restaurant was a complete disaster area.

The Charges

The driver was charged with felony driving under the influence as well as felony hit and run. He is 21-years old and is being held on $100,000 bail. Drinking and driving is a serious offense that requires the experience of a Los Angeles car accident attorney. In this case the defendant is facing very serious charges and if convicted will have some steep penalties. The shop owner has his work cut out well. They have to file insurance claims and go to court against the driver. It will be a long battle ahead. On top of that the shop owner will now have to repair the damages sustained. The driver’s insurance company will be liable to reimburse the shop owner and owners of all the parked cars. The issue lies if the driver does not have insurance. This will extremely complicated things and the prosecuting attorneys will go at them with everything they have. A Los Angeles car accident attorney can fight for your rights after an accident. The passenger will also have the ability to file for compensation for their injuries. Overall, the number of sustained damages will quickly skyrocket. The shop can even go after lost wages because they have to stay closed while repairs are being done.

How an Attorney Can Help

A Los Angeles car accident attorney can fight for the rights of car accident victims including the shop owner, and passenger owners of the parked cars. They will work hard to obtain the rightful compensation for each party and help them move on successfully with their lives. A car accident is tragic and this particular situation has harmed so many people. The driver should have never gotten into the car and the passenger should have tried to stop him. Now the damage is done and the clock cannot be reset. Each party will have to find a way to move on and rebuild after this accident.