February 2, 2019

If you are a regular commuter to work or school then you usually take the same roads every day. Not only do you take the same roads, but you probably have a good sense of what those roads will look or feel like during certain times of day. This is because we are used to the routine. When you become used to driving the same path or doing the same thing over and over it becomes muscle memory. Have you ever heard the saying ” I can do it in my sleep” or “I know it as good as the palm of my hand”? This is all sayings that suggest that someone knows something so well that they don’t even have to think about it.

For example, when we are driving our same route to work we start to do other things like eat, do our make-up, or check our email because we are so familiar with the road. This is called distracted driving and almost everyone is guilty. From the small 2 door car to the giant SUVs to the big rigs. Truck drivers are just like any other driver. They have scheduled routes and times to get from A to B. Like any other driver, they become comfortable in their habit. They may start to feel so comfortable that they may start to lose the level of alertness needed when driving such a big truck.

Truck accidents are worse than regular car accidents. Trucks can weigh more than 80,000 and can be as long as 80 feet. That is a lot of real estate on the road. It also means that when a truck accidentally drifts into a lane or starts to hydroplane, the reaction is way more intense than just a regular car. Any truck carrying such a heavy load needs time and space to start and stop. Trucks that do get into accidents tend to include multiple cars and are more fatal. Most common types of truck accidents have nothing to do with mechanical error and more to do with the actual driver. For example, drivers who drift into lanes, drivers poorly in poor weather conditions, are reckless drivers by driving too fast or switching lanes too much, have driver fatigue from driving too much and not taking breaks, are distracted while driving, or driving under the influence.

What To Do

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