Wrongful Termination Suit Brought against Four Mining and Energy Companies

By: JML Law | April 25, 2018.
Wrongful Termination Suit Brought against Four Mining and Energy Companies

A lawsuit filed in Wyoming Circuit Court on April 2 sees a Mercer County man claim wrongful termination against four mining and energy companies; Justice Highway Mining Inc., Dynamic Energy, Inc., Bluestone Industries, Inc., and EIN Energy, LLC. Ricky M. Varney has filed the suit on the grounds that he was wrongfully terminated after refusing to work in unsafe conditions. Varney alleges that his employment was terminated in January 2017, when he declined to work on a bench where an inadequate warning was given to employees about the risk of being struck by flyrock. Varney also claims that the mining and energy companies in question ordered equipment which was unsuitable and unsafe for use, despite his having advised them this would be the case.

Claiming that the four companies ignored the employee’s reports regarding safety, and seeks trial by jury, reinstatement of his previous position, punitive damages, pre-judgment, and post-judgment interest, injunctive relief, attorney fees, court fees, and any other relief deemed just or equitable by the court.

Examples of Wrongful Termination, According to a Los Angeles Attorney

Wrongful termination can happen for any one of a wide range of reasons, but what is important is that your employment was brought to an end for an unacceptable reason. While working as Los Angeles wrongful termination attorneys, we have gained extensive experience of handling cases relating to each of the following issues, and more:

    1. Terminating an employee due to their age, where the employee is at least 40 years of age
    2. Termination of any employee due to any of the following reasons:
    3. Religion, including wearing a religious dress, or taking time off for religious events and occasions
    4. Disability, including physical and mental disability, or perceived disability
      Marital status
    5. Medical conditions, including cancer and genetic conditions
    6. National origin, including language
    7. Race
    8. Sex, including termination due to pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and medical conditions relating to any of these
    9. Gender
    10. Gender identity
    11. Gender expression
    12. Sexual orientation

Wrongful termination suits can also be filed based on:

  1. Violations of employment contracts
  2. Termination of employment due to whistleblowing
  3. Fraud or misrepresentation
  4. Termination in an attempt to avoid paying fair wages, bonuses, commission, or benefits
  5. Retaliation, which occurs when an employee complains about any of the above issues and has their employment terminated as a result


As you can probably imagine, these categories cover countless possible scenarios, each of which is an individual case relating to an individual person. Every one of those people is important to us, and you can rest assured that you will receive outstanding legal representation from your wrongful termination attorney, regardless of your circumstances.

Get Your Wrongful Termination Suit Started – Speak to an Attorney Today

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