Car Split in Half during 3 Vehicle Collision

By: JML Law | April 26, 2018.

A collision at high speed around 4 am on Wednesday May 2 left two people dead, and two more taken to hospital with mild to moderate injuries. According to reports, at least three vehicles were involved in the car accident, which occurred at Slauson and Boer Avenues, leaving the surrounding road surface showered in debris including glass, metal, and tires. It appears that the collision was so severe that one of the cars was actually split in half. Another car was flipped onto its roof, while the third left the road and was caught between trees and bushes on the adjoining sidewalk.

The cause of the three-car collision is as yet unknown, and the California Highway Patrol is currently investigating.

Your Legal Options Following a Fatal Car Accident in Los Angeles

With the massive number of cars, trucks, and other vehicles using Los Angeles roads on a daily basis, it is hardly surprising that there is also a high number of car accidents. These can range in severity from a minor bump requiring a touch-up to the car’s paint, to a multi-car pileup involving fatalities, as happened in the scenario outlined above. When a loved one has been involved in a fatal car accident, it can be difficult to know what to do for the best. In fact, it can be incredibly difficult to take the news in, and come to terms with your loss, never mind identifying how best to proceed with a lawsuit against the responsible motorist.

While no amount of money will bring your loved one back, or ease the pain of losing one so dear, it can help to reduce the stress associated with covering medical expenses, funeral costs, and the loss of one source of household income. If the loved one you have lost was your spouse, parent, or sibling, you should contact an experienced Los Angeles car accident attorney as soon as possible to discuss filing a claim for wrongful death compensation. If eligible, you could recover both economic and non-economic damages relating to the loss.

What to Do if You Are Involved in a Los Angeles Car Accident

Even in a relatively minor car accident, it is important to act in a way which will not adversely affect any claim you may wish to file. Our Los Angeles car accident attorney has put together this quick checklist for you to follow when adrenalin is running high and you are not thinking as clearly as you could be.

  1. If you can, exit the vehicle and move to a point a safe distance away
  2. Help any passengers in your own vehicle, and those in other vehicles to move away if they are able to do so
  3. Call 911 and notify the emergency service about the incident. Do not leave the scene until police have told you to
  4. Try to take photos of the scene, your injuries, and damage to your vehicle. You should also make note of as many details as you can remember, as you will soon start to forget what could potentially be important information
  5. Do not give a statement to anyone other than the police
  6. Do not sign any kind of waiver, or other documents, without consulting your Los Angeles car accident attorney

To discuss your car accident with a highly-skilled Los Angeles attorney, schedule your free initial consultation by calling us today at 818-610-8800.

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