Anaheim Fatal Car Accident Attorney

Anaheim Fatal Car Accident Attorney

3,126 vehicular fatalities were recorded by California Highway Patrol in 2014. While most fatalities fell between ages 15-64, a surprising number of drivers over 65 (226) lost their lives. Three people under 14 years old, including one under the age of 4, also lost their lives too soon. Fatalities are preventable within reason, with many driver distractions and impairments causing these fatalities.

JML Laws is an acclaimed Anaheim fatal car accident attorney driven by results, compassion, and an investigative approach to legal representation. Handling the numerous car accident deaths we have, we’re uniquely positioned to get compensation survivors are entitled to. Nothing matters more to our attorneys than helping families seek closure with successfully settled cases either prior to court or by jury.

Building Your Wrongful Death Case

You’re grieving. We understand. Nothing matters more than allowing surviving wives, children, and parents to seek closure on their terms. Our services include no-pressure, straight-shooting legal representation tailored to fit your situation. From start to finish, JML Law will build an accurate, fact-filled case against the person or company responsible for injuring you. No questions asked.

Forming a doubt-proof wrongful death suit involves these components, not necessarily in order:

  1. Gathering evidence surrounding the unfortunate death of your loved one. This may include accident reconstruction.
  2. Talking with witnesses who could’ve witnessed the accident, including any behaviors exhibited by at-fault drivers. Witnesses, when truthful, provide incredibly impactful results.
  3. Analyzing traffic photography, onboard footage, or similarly captured pictures.
  4. Working with law enforcement to secure police reports, including any arrests made in conjunction with accidents.
  5. Putting everything together into an easy-to-understand format allows us to discuss your case findings with you and the insurers we intend to negotiate with.

Because the expected settlement amounts far amass regular injury incidents, our burden of proof is much higher. Defendants in wrongful death accident cases love poking holes in weak cases, which is the reason our efforts are concentrated on building something free of doubt or missing facts.

Want Results Trust JML Law to Get Them

Losing someone you love by means of negligence means you’ll seek justice through financial punishment. If criminal activities led to your loved one’s demise, an entirely different process will hold them accountable through punishment by confinement, if serious enough. Our job as your Anaheim fatal car accident attorney is to get you compensated for losses that are incurred and are expected to occur later due to a lack of income and benefits once provided by the decedent.

We work diligently for those suffering. From the first moment we meet until I’ve presented you and your family with an initial settlement offer, we’ll provide our services without cost until you’ve won. By offering contingency-fee representation, our office is compelled to work harder and prove our worth instead of taking money without driving results.

Fatal car accidents will never cease because California’s no shortage of negligible people. When you’ve been notified of an unfortunate casualty because of someone’s reckless regard for motor vehicle laws, contact JML Law immediately.

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