Long Beach Premises Liability Attorney

Long Beach Premises Liability Attorney

Premises liability seeks to protect individuals in cases about accidents occurring on someone else’s property. These accidents generally occur due to poor management or maintenance of the property. The owner or occupier of the property sometimes doesn’t protect visitors from dangerous conditions. If there is any risk or harm, and invitees are injured by these conditions, the person who is in possession of the land will have to compensate the injured for all losses.

If you or a loved one sustained injuries during an accident that occurred in a property that belongs to someone else, seek legal advice from one of our Long Beach personal injury attorneys with premises liability experience.

Premises liability cases we handle

It doesn’t matter what type of accident or injuries you suffered while on the premises, property owners are held liable for all accidents occurring in their premises. Some of the most common premises liability cases include:

  1. Slip-and-fall
  2. Exposure to asbestos
  3. Dog bite
  4. Defects in sidewalks and streets
  5. Stairs are poorly lit

liability investigation

The are a couple of things that should be taken into consideration when determining who is held liable for injuries sustained in a property that belongs to someone else. Your Long Beach personal injury attorney may advise hiring an investigator to research deeper into your case.

  1. Witness testimony – The attorney will ask about anyone that may have witnessed the incident and have them explain what they saw.
  2. Accident report – When accidents occur on larger properties such as retail stores or someone’s business, the details are documented on an incident report.
  3. Weather records – When inclement weather caused an accident, attorneys search on governmental weather records, which tend to yield the most accuracy.
  4. Police report – When the incident involves medical intervention, your attorney will also take a look at these records.
  5. Medical records – These will help study your injuries and understand what caused them.

Your lawsuit

Trading information during a lawsuit can be a complicated process that necessitates expert legal intervention. The attorney can schedule the trial and there may also be a verdict. The other party will observe every step you take and as soon as they find out you intend to go to trial, they will start negotiating. In the majority of cases, everything can be resolved through settlement.

Talk to a Long Beach personal injury attorney

Premises liability cases may be difficult to solve on your own as they are time-consuming and expensive to prosecute. You need the assistance of a Long Beach personal injury attorney to successfully resolve your claim and navigate through all the complex legal aspects. JML Law has the experience and knowledge required for these types of cases. We will protect you rights and obtain the compensation you and your loved ones are entitled to receive.

We are available for a free case evaluation to help you find out if you have a case and take the necessary steps. Remember the sooner you file your claim the more possibilities you have. Call us today!

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