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Believe it or not, not every job is healthy for you. We aren’t talking about jobs more prone to depression or anxiety, like desk jobs or jobs in which you are constantly battling with consumers. Nor are we talking about low minimum wage jobs that do not do a terrible job keeping employees happy or feeling valued. Instead, we are referring to dangerous jobs that pay but have a high risk of chemical exposure. We are referring to jobs requiring higher education but also requiring employees to risk their future due to chemical exposure. It’s not often you hear about the chemical exposure of nuclear technicians or medical, clinical, or cardiovascular technologists or technicians. These jobs can put workers in a dangerous position, and exposure to chemicals can drastically affect one’s health.

What Is Chemical Exposure

Chemicals are everywhere. We wash in chemicals. We rely on chemicals to kill germs or bacteria. We consume chemicals to stop headaches or stomach aches. We also use chemicals to clean surfaces, including our skin. The right kinds of chemicals are not that harmful. However, if exposed consistently for long periods, certain chemicals can greatly affect your health negatively.

Chemical exposure can start to affect your respiratory system, including your breathing, nasal passageway, throat, mouth, and lungs. Exposure can also affect renal systems such as your kidneys and urinary tract system. Since your kidneys are responsible for clearing your body of chemicals it doesn’t need, exposure to more than what your body can clear out can drastically affect this system. If you are a woman, then it can particularly affect the reproductive system. Prolonged exposure can affect your ovaries or hormones, leading to birth defects or birth complications. For men, the reproductive system can affect hormones and sperm count. The list goes on, but to keep it short, long-term chemical exposure can affect your heart, nervous system, and every issue related to your functioning adult body.

What To Do

Typical jobs dealing with chemical exposure are airplane pilots, flight attendants, copilots, oil rig workers, surgical technologists, stationary engineers and boiler operators, veterinarians, anesthesiologists, nurses, and many other jobs. Even though dealing with chemicals is in your job description, it does not mean that you are not entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim. Our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys at JML Law, a Professional Law Corporation in Los Angeles, are here to represent you through this process. Billions of dollars are given to people who need help financially for medical bills, loss of wages, and short-term or long-term disabilities. Don’t miss out on your right just because you don’t have the time to file properly. Call 818-610-8800 or click here to let our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys help you get your just compensation today.

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