We have all heard the jokes about hand cramps and typing. You can imagine those who type or use their mouse extensively during the day are constantly moving their hands and wrists in the same motion. But the truth is this kind of disease can affect anyone who also works with their hands in a repetitive motion. It is assumed that those who type or write are at most risk for carpal tunnel syndrome, but that simply isn’t the case. For those who work as hairdressers, they are no stranger to the pain and agony of carpal tunnel syndrome as most of their job is them moving their hands in repetitive motions to massage, wash, cut, dye, and blow dry hair. As fabulous as it to be at the receiving end of a hair cut, your hairdresser is doing damage to their hands and wrist while cutting off your damaged hair!

Other occupations who are prone to this kind of syndrome are assembly line worker, sewer, knitter, seamstress, baker, cashier, hair stylist, musician, makeup artist, health care workers, and caretakers. These positions all require an emphasis on hand and wrist movement. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has been cited as one of the most common ailments in adults who work. Do not feel as if you are the only who feels this pain. Do not feel as if you are the only one who is trying to maintain the pain. Last, do not feel as if your job does not owe you some help as you attempt to recover from a potentially chronic illness.

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Common symptoms of this disease include pain in the arms, wrists, hands. This pain then inhibits movement in moving fingers, grasping items, and carrying items. There is also a noticeable weakness in your hands. You may not consider these symptoms to be workers’ compensation file worthy, but the truth is that these kinds of injuries do not go away. These can turn into chronic issues and then what happens? Your ability to work deteriorates alongside your social life. There are correlations to carpal tunnel and depression. Since you are not able to do your work then people start to feel worthless which in turn makes them feel sad about where they are in life. The best way to prevent all this is to believe in yourself that you are not making up the pain, exercise your right to file for workers’ compensation, and hire an attorney who promises to advocate for your claim.

What To Do

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