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Workers’ Compensation, to the layperson, sounds complicated and only for certain heavy situations. Perhaps when someone is severely hurt, like when they slip and fall, or something falls on them. Workers’ Compensation is a lot of work, but it was created to benefit the employee. It was created to ensure that employees who get hurt get the opportunity for financial help via medical bills or loss of wages. But what if the injury doesn’t seem so big? Or what if you don’t feel it is a big deal?

We all have insecurities and are, to some extent, bashful when it comes to letting people know that we are hurting. But, when it comes to getting injured on the job, there is no room to be bashful. There is no need to hide from your situation. Why opt not to use a system that was put in place to protect you? Why miss out on working with a fabulous support team at our Los Angeles Workers Compensation Attorneys at JML Law, a Professional Law Corporation? We know that injuries come in big and small packages. Regardless of the package, if you are injured, you need the attention to get back to health. For instance, as humans, we take many things for granted. Two of the things are our hands. We use our hands for everything. As soon as we wake up, we use our hands to push off the bed, brush our teeth, put on clothes, etc. Our hands butter our bread and are our bread and butter. This is particularly true if you work in professions requiring you to use your hands steadily and carefully.

Our hands are valuable assets that we sometimes take for granted. We do everything with our hands because of their incredible strength and dexterity. They can pinch, grasp, hold, twist, lift, and manipulate while doing various other tasks. With so much to offer, as one can see, that puts our hands in a position of vulnerability, too. Individuals who use their hands in the workplace are especially at a greater risk of being susceptible to injuries like cuts and lacerations, punctures, skin irritations, burns, strains and sprains, and broken bones and fractures. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that hand injuries in the workplace account for nearly 1,080,000 emergency room visits per year in the US. Hand injuries are also the number one injured body part on the job. Here is what to watch out for while you use your hands in the workplace:

  1. Cuts and lacerations: Often are minor cuts or scratches on the skin’s surface. They can be treated quickly and easily, but once tendons or nerves become involved, the injury sustained is much more severe and requires more medical attention.
  2. Punctures: Usually are caused by power or hand tools or sharp objects. Holes occur when tools are not used or maintained correctly. As minor as they may seem, it is important to remember that the risk for infection is greater with deep puncture wounds. Be sure to have the injury checked out by a medical professional.
  3. Skin irritations: Blisters or rashes are the most common skin irritations due to exposure to hazardous substances, detergents, and even soaps. You want to be aware that dermatitis or skin inflammation can still occur no matter how mild the symptoms.
  4. Burns: The most common types of burns in the workplace are thermal, electrical, or chemical. These burns occur when the worker is exposed to hot liquids or surfaces, steam, and flames (thermal). When electrical currents pass through the body but stop due to the body’s tissue, it is responsible for heat burns (electrical). Then, any burn from hazardous substances that causes chemical changes in the skin and continues to cause damage until the reaction is over is what chemical burns consist of in the workplace. The intensity or degree of burns is measured by either first, second, third, or fourth-degree- each level worse than the one before it.
  5. Strains and sprains: It may seem unrelated, but when you are about to fall, what happens? You put your hands out to break the fall or impact. This is the most common reason for hand strains and sprains.
  6. Broken bones and fractures: You must be careful when moving around heavy equipment and machinery because the weight and force can cause significant injury to your hands. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may be required to wear a cast or brace.

Finally, in the most extreme cases, amputation might be necessary. These injuries aren’t as common, but they can happen as a last resort to save an employee’s life.

Most hand injuries aren’t just from those who sit at a desk and type all day. Hand injuries come from professional technicians, mechanics, electricians, hairdressers, watch repairers, fishermen, carpenters, construction workers, woodworkers, repair and maintenance people, and secretaries and writers. These technical skills use their hands constantly. This can lead to injuries such as bruising and tears in ligaments and tendons. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a well-known injury, tendon pain, and De Quervain’s Disease. De Quervain’s Disease is when tendons around the thumb become inflamed. It can send shooting and burning pain through the hand. Imagine working a jackhammer and getting hit with that kind of inflammation! That’s a heavy accident waiting to happen.

What To Do

If you are experiencing this kind of work injury, contact our workers’ compensation attorneys at JML Law, a Professional Law Corporation at JML Law in Los Angeles. Every year, billions of dollars are provided for workers to help pay medical bills and help with the loss of pay. Workers’ Compensation can help with short or long-term disability, too. Do not feel your injury doesn’t matter just because it isn’t as severe as something else. Call 818-610-8800 or click here to hear how our professional team can best represent you today.

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