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Long Beach is known for its gorgeous coastal views and its robust health care system. Over 22.6% of the population of Long Beach works in Educational Services, Health Care, and Social Assistance. These jobs tend to require a lot of physical and mental work. The physical work of an educator may seem minor, but for about 7 hours a day, you are on your feet, walking on the unyielding ground. In the medical profession, you often have to be on your feet from 10-12 hour shifts. This amount of walking and standing can be very taxing on your back and neck.

Types of Back and Neck Injuries

Back injuries from standing are often due to “postural stress”. This means that we are not standing correctly and leaving our lower back opportune to feel stressed. If you are adding stress to back over an extended period of time then you may deal with strains from stretched ligaments or too much pressure on muscles. You can also suffer from spinal stenosis which means that there is pressure on resulting from narrowing spaces in the spine. Last, at the worst, you can start to feel degenerative disc disease. This means that the discs holding your vertebrae together start to deteriorate due to the amount of stress you place on your back over an extended period of time.

Those in health care and educators are more prone to such injuries because they experience the extremes of both sitting too long and standing too much. Since both professions require so much paperwork, there is strain compiling from stressful standing and sitting. These professions are also susceptible to neck pain. Neck injuries can come from straining the neck by talking on the phone on just one side! Common neck injuries include strains, sprains, whiplash-associated disorders, herniated discs, stingers and burners, fractures, cervical dislocations, and spinal cord injuries. Even though it is far-fetched to believe that something as catastrophic as a spinal cord injury, you never know Accidents such as slipping at work or something falling on you can still occur and cause grave injury.

What To Do

If you are not in the education or health care profession, but stand on your feet or sit for a long period of time, you too can suffer from back and neck pain. Our Workers Compensation Attorneys at JML Law, a Professional Law Corporation, are here to help you through this situation. With over 40 years of experience, we know how to gather and document information to ensure that your case gets a fair view. We work aggressively for our clients to ensure that you have medical expenses covered, travel expenses related to injury, lost wages and income due to injury, and any temporary or permanent disability.

If you are experiencing a back and neck injury due to work then do not hesitate to call 818-610-8800 or click here and learn more about how our professionals can help you. Let us stress while you heal.

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