We all know that as we get older, our sensory becomes limited. Tastes change, touch becomes less sensitive, sight becomes less clear, smells become less pungent, and hearing becomes duller. Hearing loss with age is natural. It’s why we tend to yell at our elders to ensure that they hear us. However, the average age of someone who is losing hearing is 65. At that age, you have already left the workforce or are about to leave the workforce. Hearing loss tends to be gradual as healthy adults grow into older stages. So, if you are in your 40s and you are experiencing a hearing loss it may not be genetics; it may be your work environment.

Hearing Loss Symptoms

People tend to think about hearing loss as something they need to worry about in the future. In truth, people aren’t wrong as hearing loss usually doesn’t start until the mid-’60s. However, your hearing ability is compromised by where you work and the symptoms for hearing loss are way more complex than simply dealing with being hard of hearing.

When you start to lose your hearing there is no “going back”. It can be quickly degenerative and is called a “progressive condition” because it doesn’t really get any better. Therefore if you feel as if you are suffering from hearing damage as a result of your work it is imperative that you start documenting all your conversations with your employer as well as many doctor visits.

Hearing loss is more than trying to decipher muffled sounds. Hearing loss can cause other symptoms that we may not associate with hearing loss until someone connects the dots for us. For example, if you are dealing with a loss of hearing then you may also be dealing with more emotional characteristics like moodiness, irritability, anger, tension, stress, depression, loneliness, impaired memory, and decreasing mental health. Hearing loss can also affect you physically by reducing alertness to your surroundings which means that you are more prone to accidents. It makes fatigued and withdraw from social functions which in turn adds to the mental stress. As you can see, hearing loss is more than just missing out on hearing certain pitches and noises. It can greatly affect your work and personal life. Unfortunately, there are some careers that are more frequent to hearing loss than others.

What To Do

Several industries need to be extra vigilant about being aware of hearing loss are flight crews as they are surrounded by loud noises, factory workers as they are around loud machinery, bouncers, and bartenders as they are repetitively exposed to loud thumping music. If you or someone you love is dealing with hearing loss as a result of their work then you need to call 818-610-8800 or click here to start a conversation with our Hearing Loss Attorney at JML Law, a Professional Corporation in Long Beach. Don’t lose pay over this work injury. Let us fight for fair compensation for any lost wages or medical bills you have incurred.

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