As we get older we experience way more bumps, bruises, and accidents. We also start to experience evidence of our faulty genetic makeup. Yet, we still persist at our jobs and move from employment to employment.  So what happens if we get injured at one job, but then recover and move on to another place of employment? What if we suffer another injury? What if the original injury flares up? What if while we age we encounter some immune deficiency and now our job exacerbates the injury? All these what ifs are very real and very challenging to handle. Any time you are injured at work there is a reason why everyone says to seek an attorney.

Our Worker’s Compensation Attorneys at JML Law, a Professional Law Corporation in Long Beach know the complications of clients who are dealing with work injuries that trigger or exacerbate pre-existing conditions. Insurance companies want to be very particular for what they are paying for. They do not want to pay for repeat treatments or for the suffering that is not directly correlated to the current job that you have now. The first thing you should do in any work injury is to seek medical treatment and tell your care provider that you were injured at work. Your doctors are very aware of the insurance machine that you are up against. He or she will be sure to document specifically and by using language needed to ensure you claim is taken seriously and accepted.

Listed are scenarios most of our clients have faced when they are dealing with a work injury that has exacerbated a pre-existing condition:

  1. Pre-existing condition from another work injury: if you were injured at another job then you may have succeeded in creating a claim for the initial injury. This claim is in your file and your insurance company will be sure to evaluate how this injury is different from the initial injury. You can still get compensation, but you cannot double up on your compensation. For example, if you were issued a monetary amount for your first claim of $10,000 and your second claim is worth $15,000 because of increased damage, you will not get the whole $15000. Instead, you may get a difference of $5000. This can be applied to prior accidents too.
  2. Pre-existing condition from an external accident: If you hurt your shoulder in a car accident and then years later your job’s repetitive behavior has irritated the shoulder again, then you can start a claim. However, a medical professional will have to assess to what capacity the work has agitated the shoulder.
  3. Pre-existing condition due to age: Much like the other situations, there are ways to evaluate your injury while considering your age. This does not mean that you cannot create a claim. Instead, it means that you need to find a good and fair doctor that can make an educated assessment.

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