No one plans on getting into an accident. That’s why it is called an accident. Work injuries are unpredictable despite work precautions. Unfortunately, sometimes work injuries turn into short-term disability or worse, long-term disability. However, work injuries aren’t the only reason for why some makes a short or long-term disability claim. Life happens and when it does it can often ruin or affect our working lives.

When we think of illnesses we tend to think of the flu or colds that prevent us from working, but its short term. We know that within a few weeks we will be back on our feet and ready to work full time. However, sometimes life throws us curves and delivers devastating blows that it takes longer than a few weeks to get back to normal. It will take us months to get back to some form of normalcy.

For example, people who develop severe musculoskeletal illnesses like arthritis or joint pains, or connective tissue disorders in the back or other areas. If you are dealing with serious injuries that caused this or if this is a result of occupational injury then you have the ability to create a disability claim. Other examples of long-term disability are life-changing illnesses like cancer or cardiovascular diseases. In these cases, the recovery can take years and requires a lot of time and attention for the recovery as well as changing your lifestyle to ensure that you are maintaining a better version of yourself.

Short-term disability tends to apply things that naturally take a shorter time to recover. Pregnancy is a very common short-term disability claim. Other reasons can be joint pain, and surgery that requires an extended recovery and is not a simple in-and-out surgery procedure. It can also be for digestive issues and kinds of cancers that do not require as extensive treatment than others. Short-term disability only lasts a few weeks to a couple of months where as long term is longer than a few months or years.

In recent statistics from the Council of Disability awareness, there is a 30% chance that the average worker will encounter some form of disability within their lifetime. Currently, 12% of the population receives disability, and 1 in 8 workers will experience disability for at least five years during their working careers. Trust our Worker Compensation Attorneys when we say that you are not alone. Your story is unique, but it is not so far removed that it does not deserve a claim. Let our Worker’s Compensation Attorneys at JML Law, a Professional Law Corporation in Long Beach help you find the right kind of disability claim today.

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